• Yes, Batman makes use of what he has.

    Batman is a human that uses technology and intelligence to defeat his foes. He helps to rescue humans on a regular basis. Superman is not human, and was not born on Earth. His abilities are largely those that he was born with, and require little except for occasional use to keep them working.

  • Honestly, Who cares?

    They are both stupidly over powered charecters that are both equally boring. They had to create and kill like, 7 robins? Just to keep batmans stories engaging, and superman is so boring, they could barely make one movie about him before they started cramming other characters into it. They both deus-ex-machena their problems away with ridiculously inconsistent powers, and they both are just boring as heck.

  • Super Strength Trumps Gadgets

    Superman is an alien with super strength, a flying ability and lasers that come out of his eyes. Batman is a mere human with fancy gadgets who is a little insane. Superman wins in a fight 99 percent of the time because he's bigger, stronger and faster. He's also smart. Batman doesn't have the muscle density nor stamina to keep up with the son of Jor-El.

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