Batman prequel "Gotham": Will the Batman prequel series be good movies?

  • Yes, I think the Batman prequel series will be good movies.

    I think that the Batman franchise has always made high quality films with high quality talent so I see no reason why the prequels will fall short of the other movies, I think the Batman franchise in general sets the bar pretty high for Superhero movies and they will try to maintain that level.

  • It's going to be an absolute fail!!!!!!

    Are you actually serious batman is like what ten years old? Almost all his villains are the same age as him give or take a couple of years. What are u going to do have a ten year old joker hold a cop at gun point, ya thats realistic. Lol

  • No!! Just no!

    I dont want to see a show where it ends with bruce BECOMING batman, i want to see him fighting villains like the joker, harley quinn, and bane! And i would like them to get there story straight with catwoman. She didnt start out as a theif, she was pushed out of a window and revived by cats!

  • I don't think so

    I really do not think that it will be all that good because the recent Christopher Nolan series of Batman movies was really amazing and almost perfect. I think anything to change that or tamper with it will be seen as lesser in context with those movies. It won't be as good.

  • We have high expectations but not that high

    The movies will likely be decent, but they will not meet the excellence that the previous Bat Man movies were able to obtain. The cast is fairly stellar, but in my opinion the previous movies simply cannot be topped. However, this movie will likely do well because the previous movies built and enhanced the Bat Man brand and marketability.

  • I think so.

    I don't see why this prequel will not be good. If there same writers and directors are in place, then we can expect more of the same and for huge, exciting blockbusters. I was never a fan of batman, but became one recently, and am really looking forward to these films.

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