BC and AD: Should BCE (Before the common era) be used instead?

  • BCE is better,

    I bet over 75% of the group that stated no are Christian. If there are around 7 major religions why should the whole world have to speak about history in a way that shows Christianity is higher than the rest. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " "

  • BCE is better.

    BCE, before common era, is a better option because BC and AD are based on Christian beliefs. To other people (who are not Christian) it might not be fair that it is the Christian year that is taken (even though the other year would be the same). Therefore, it would be good if we changed it to BCE.

  • BCE Is A Better Option

    BCE or before the common era would be a better title for our current years because AD refers to after death. The AD reference is entirely Christian based, while the world is not Christian based. Religion has been removed from many facets of life and it should be common standard to refer to years as, before common era, in this day and age.

  • No, BC works just fine.

    No, BCE should not be used instead of BC, because BC has been working just fine for more than two thousand years. The only reason to switch to BCE would be a religious affront to the many Christians who believe that BC carries religious significance. There is no reason to change to BCE, except to offend Christians.

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