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Be It Resolved That: euthanasia should be legalized.

Asked by: debatemaster3395
  • Euthanasia ends suffering

    If someone with a terminal illness wants to be freed from the pain, then it should be allowed. I definitely DON'T agree with using this practice without the patient's consent, but if the patient wants/demands it, then I believe the doctors should give it to them. As medicine continues to evolve, there will be more treatments and even cures to these illnesses, which will be better alternatives, but for the time being, sometimes euthanasia is the best option to end pain and suffering.

  • An individual has a right to their own life.

    It is morally unacceptable for society to force an individual to live or die. Just as it is horrible that some are forced to die, it is equally bad to force an individual who doesn't want to be alive to stay alive. Euthanasia does not undermine the worth of life because even if euthanasia were to be legalized, it wouldn't make the lives of the living worth any less. It is an individual's choice as to what they do with their own body and nobody else's.

  • Euthanasia shouldn't be legalized because

    The first reason why euthanasia should not be legalized is because euthanasia underestimates the medical research. It understandable why some people desire to kill themselves. The pain is, sometimes, just too much to the point that it is no longer bearable – that you would rather die than to feel it over and over again. But one thing that many people, especially those who support euthanasia, should realize is that there is a cure to illnesses – no matter how worst they are. Even if some of them are not yet discovered, in time, they will become available. Just think about this: Years ago, we didn’t have medicines, such as pain relievers and antibiotics; we also didn’t have instruments and machines to treat patients. But because of advanced research and great desire of our people to prolong life, we were able to discover them. And now, millions of sick people are getting benefits from them – many are even being saved because of them. In order to discover more effective medicines and treatments, especially to serious conditions, such as cancer and liver disease, our scientists and inventors should be able to focus more in their studies. If the focus changes from treating the illness to killing the patients, the progress that our researchers is making to alleviate pain as well as their motivation to provide treatment for sick patients will be compromised. Rather than doing their best to search for better solutions, they will be discouraged because they know that a quick and painless solution is already available – which is killing. Doctors and other healthcare providers will also be less committed to provide palliative care and save lives because they have a “legal right to kill.”

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