Bears and the Pro Bowl: Did anyone from the Bear's lineup deserve to be on the Pro Bowl?

  • I guess so

    If the idea is that all teams are represented by at least one player, then they do. Many sports writers are calling the exclusion a snub. Others say the Bears deserve to be excluded again. Sitton seems to be the only player mentioned as a possible pro bowl attendee from Chicago, and there aren't a lot of noteworthy Bears this year.

  • Josh Sitton deserved recognition.

    I think that Josh Sitton deserved to be on the Pro Bowl lineup. Despite the fact that the Bears aren't the best team in the league and haven't had a great season, they do have quite a bit of individual talent in their lineup. I think Sitton could have been an aoption, or even rookie Cody Whitehair. It's a shame not a single player was chosen.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Some of these picks are particularly out of the blue.. considering that MANY other players on that team rank higher in their positions..
    Look at the Bears. You picked Josh Sitton over Alshon Jeffery and Jordan Howard? Don't get me wrong, but both are VERY talented at what they do. Secondly, on the Packers, you chose Mike Daniels. Other options would be Jordy Nelson (most TDs of any WR), Ty Montgomery (most rushing/passing yards as a RB), and Aaron Rodgers (T-2nd for most TDs, T-2nd for highest TD/INT ratio).

  • No, I don't think any of the Bear's deserved a place.

    I believe that it was fair for none of the Bears players to be in the lineup. Based on the amount of injuries that have plagued the Bears this has dramatically affected their results this season. Only players worthy of the role should be selected and there are plenty of players from other teams who are more deserving.

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