War and chaos always impact the stock market. The current trend toward multiple wars will cause investors to sell and stock prices to drop. Buy! This is a buyer's chance. If you own any defense stocks keep your investments until time toward peace comes close. When the time is close toward a resolution, then sell because their will be no demand for defense products.

    But if you want a great opportunity to buy - now is the time!

  • Yes, now is a good time to be "bearish" about the stock market.

    I believe that the stock market can only go so high before it is due for a correction. In the last five years, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, as well as other performance indexes, is continually breaking records and reaching new highs. However, these highs are not supported by a robust economy, and recent years have shown that something as simple as a computer trading error can send a stock index plummeting. For these reasons, I believe that it is more likely that the value of the stock market will decline in the foreseeable future, making bearish investments wise.

  • Yes invest get the most.

    yes get that money invested and let the profit soar!! take full advantage of this to help you in the long run. Anything to help your future is the right thing to do. Invest and think about your future, get that money doubling and reap the profits. Set your future up.

  • No, the economic environment is not yet stable enough.

    The economic environment current is not very stable, yet. If you want to gamble, now is an interesting time but then it would not be called an investment. Larger institutes might be able to make money out of current volatility but for individual investors, the expected return do not justify the risk.

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