Beauty or intelligence which is more painful to the woman?

  • Beauty is more painful for women

    Women find it more painful to adhere to a societal construct of what beautiful is. Our society values beauty much more than it values intelligence. Even intelligent women struggle with how to meet society's image of beauty. Beatuty also changes quickly and women try for some reason to obtain an impossible standard.

  • Beauty Definitely hurts women more

    As a society, we train women to be a certain way. We ONLY care about the "look." Young girls are being forced to be "girly." They are told what, where, when and how. That is controlling! It is worse when men tell a woman what to do. As women are being controlled, they lose touch of who they REALLY are inside. It hurts their intelligence too. They cant know how to be themselves. Society is forcing females to be "straight."

  • Traditional Society Works

    I'm not against women going to college or getting educated but, traditional society means men are manly and women are feminine. Letting women be some lesbian, half-man is just wrong but, being a tomboy is fine. Which is why the modern-day world is so messed up. Men are now allowed to be super homo's that where dresses and like dolls and stuff which is just weird.

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