• Yes, Beauty Pageants Objectify Women.

    Beauty Pageants objectify women because they display women's bodies to be judged and compared to one another as a form of entertainment. This is essentially making women less than animals; because when animals are put on display at auctions to show how strong and healthy they are, There is at least a practical purpose behind it. At art and fashion displays diversity and originality are encouraged, At beauty pageants women are expected to dress, Look and act a certain way, And they are judged on how well they can pretend to fit an arbitrary standard. This is the opposite of appreciating a woman's beauty, It is ignoring her internal personhood and rejecting her natural body, And replacing it with something unnatural and externally imposed.

  • Hell yes they are.

    And it's a good thing we do. These things are objects, And should be treated as such. Along with the warm right holes in ther legs, They're beauty is the only thing they offer. These things should start focusing on how they look, Because soon, If science finds a way to create life without these creaters, They will be hunted to extinction.

  • No no no

    Women r objects and do not have feelings so it is impossible to objectify a women. Thanks to japanese Professor fuk nigrs back in 1969 it is scientifically impossible for women to feel, This study was done again by Dr Gene Attails in 2012 and most recently by Korean scientist Suk Mi Kok in 2019

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