Beauty pageants should be banned: Should children's beauty pageants be banned?


    I have started a petition to ban child beauty pageants for children under 16 years. I NEED 100,000 SIGNATURES BY APRIL 26 2015 TO HAVE THE PETITION REVIEWED BY THE WHITE HOUSE. If you agree with me, add your signature to the petition (you must be 13 or older to sign).

  • It gives little girls the need to be perfect and beautiful.

    Children who have been in beauty pageants are more likely to get eating disorders, because it gives them self image issues. In the contests, you are judged on how you look, and whether or not you're 'sexy.' It sexualizes little girls and that is sick and wrong. Beauty pageants (especially child ones) feed directly into the sex industry. Like wow, good job mom, you raised me specifically to be a porn star.
    It's not right to do this to children because it makes them feel like they have to be perfect, and and that they can't succeed without all of this makeup and clothes and hair extensions. Child beauty pageants raise children to believe looks are all that matter, and nothing else. It teaches out children that you have to be beautiful, you have to act a certain way for people to like you. That is not okay with me. My mom made me do pageants when I was littler, and I'm glad she let me stop.

  • Beauty pageants affect children's development

    Your argument here:
    The show “Toddlers and Tiaras” is a perfect example of why beauty pageants affect a child’s development. These girls will cry and pout if they don't win. They also have a snotty attitude towards their competition. They think winning a trophy for having big hair, fake teeth, spray tans, inappropriate costumes, and pounds of makeup on is what matters most in life. It’s not. Studies show that girls who have competing in beauty pageants are self-dissatisfied, greater impulse behaviors, have difficulty with personal relationships, and have an increased feeling of effectiveness, and later in life have some sort of eating disorder. These girls think that their personal appearance is everything. Even though it should be their education and personality . As you can see competing in Beauty Pageants does affect a child’s development.

  • Yes they should

    They should be banned because if the kid wins a lot it will become bratty and selfish but when they lose they won't think they're beautiful or good enough which leads to depression and cutting and all that crap. That's why. Also it's portraying very young girls as strippers lalalala

  • Child beauty pageants SHOULD BE banned!!!!

    They should be banned because of damage to their body image, which can lead to eating disorders, and materialism and sexulization.

    Body Image: Children often become increasingly concerned about body image by being placed against each other in beauty contests. According to Carleton Kendrick, a private practice family therapist, media already bombard children with an “array of superficial cues” as to how they should look and behave. Beauty contests only increase the problem. Though judges in the contests also look at a child's talent, the contests are called "beauty" pageants and are designed to rate children on how beautiful they are. This is something that is detrimental to a girls (or a boys) self-esteem. This can lead to eating disorders, self-harm, or even suicide if they can’t be or do what is “expected”. When girls lose, they will feel that that aren’t pretty enough, or worth enough.

    Eating Disorders: Children can develop anorexia or bulimia at a young age or one of the conditions can develop later on because of their participation in beauty contests, according to Cartwright. This is at the heart of dissatisfaction with body image and a trend toward eating disorders. Cartwright, who cited a 2005 report that revealed contestants have a higher rate of body dissatisfaction, dubs the condition as "The Princess Syndrome." This severely critical childhood that is created in them, drives toward unattainable goals, which will then lead to eating disorders, or other things, made to make them “more perfect”, perfect enough to win.

    Materialism and sexualization: While beauty pageants consist of several elements, it's hard to deny that at their heart, these contests are about beauty. The emphasis placed on looking good and materialistic concerns, especially at a young age, is a cause for worry, since it may lead to the contestants' believing that these attributes are all that matters as they grow up. As the “Professor's House” website suggests, some pageant entrants are taught sexualized behavior before they become adults, fueling fears that these kids grow up too early. Many kids, even as young as 18 months, put on makeup and sexy, exposing dresses to impress judges. You can’t tell me that that is not materialism and sexualization, including dressing up to “win.” As a child, it’s supposed to be fun, not crying and tantrums if they don’t win because they’re dress didn’t work, or they’re makeup wasn’t good enough.

  • Beauty pageants should be banned

    In my opinion I think beauty contests should be banned and I have many reasons for that. First of all women have rights and shouldn’t be judged by how they look and every women is beautiful. Unfortunately there are beauty contests for children too, and they cause girls to think that if you want to be beautiful you have to wear make-up, put fake teeth on, fake tans, wigs, fake nails and many more.
    Beauty pageants can lead to serious health and mental issues such as depression, eating disorders and so much more. Children might starve themselves to lose weight which could lead to eating disorders.
    Moms even force their children into beauty pageants and that’s wrong because they are teaching children that looks are the most important thing.
    Women shouldn’t be judged by their looks just like books shouldn’t be judged by their covers. They were also protests about beauty pageants, here is what they said “were not beautiful were not ugly and we will not be judged” “pageant culture is toxic” “affection not perfection” “their kids not model” “all women are beautiful” and I agree about what they said.

  • Real Reasons beauty pageants should be banned

    Why should beauty pageants be banned? It’s plain and simple, the beauty pageants judge other people and that’s not right. I mean, what was Martin Luther King Jr’s whole point in the Civil Rights Act? Human equality!
    Why were beauty pageants even created in the first place? One word that can answer this perfectly is money. The creators of the first pageants were well aware of how competitive girls are with looks. If a girl is so confident about how she looks she will compete in the competition expecting to win and raise her self-esteem. This is also how bullying works. A bully picks on someone to feel better about themselves, because in order for a bully to feel good about themselves, they feel the need to make someone else feel less then their best. The same thing happens with girls competing in a pageant. The winner of the pageant feels good about her self for winning, but the girls that lose the competition feel less then their best, as in the bullying situation. In my opinion Beauty pageants is just another form of bullying.
    All Beauty pageants bring out in girls is their competitive side. There's no easy wording to it. People say some of the nice competitors aren't stuck up and in it to win. Why should the nice girls in the competition enter at all? The pageants stress external beauty, and glamour, and most of the time don't look at internal values. A competitor could be the nicest person in the world, but have an ugly exterior causing her to lose, often lowering her self-confidence in the process. Decreasing the competitor’s confidence could also bring out some insecurities.
    Yes, in some parts of the pageant they have a “personality” competition, but why dress up for that part of the pageant if they are’t looking at the external values? In many cases moms sign up their daughters, who are too young to make their own good judgment. Mothers are well aware that their daughters cannot make their own decisions at such a young age so, many moms make the decision of signing her up in a pageant. Often moms are really the ones that are participating because most of the time, in a beauty pageant, the mother’s don’t put their child’s interest above their own, but of course the child might be convinced by the mother it will be fun entering. Mother's often over look the fact that girls, so young, aren't that competitive.
    Girls are most competitive at the ages 11-25 until they mature and finally grow up. If a Mother wants to sign her daughter up that's her choice. I'm just asking that they think twice about the real reason their entering the pageant, before making decisions.
    Many reasons pageants should be banned are...It's another form of bullying, the girls have enough competition in their life’s and most importantly pageants decreases all the girl's confidence and increases only one's, the winner’s.

  • Beauty Pageants should be BANNED

    Beauty pageants create a world full of spray tans, heavy makeup, false teeth, way old outfits, and selfishness and hatred. I feel that beauty pageants either need to be banned, have an age limit, or they should go natural. That would let children grow up in the life of a kid. Not a 25 year old doll.

  • Children's beauty pageants are in bad taste.

    I think that children’s beauty pageants encourage child
    molestation by objectifying children.
    The also reinforce outdated gender identities that I believe we could do
    without as a culture. Children should be
    at least 16 before they can participate in any type of beauty pageant. Children need to be protected and not

  • They should be banned.

    All they do is show young women that they need to look like that and wear that much make up to be pretty and that's not true. They give children long term attitude and self-esteem issues. It gives women unrealistic expectations on how women look and gives men unrealistic expectations of women.

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  • Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

    It gives people a chance to go up on stage and show off the best that they got. It gives lot's of people that are insecure a chance to feel good about themselves. You can also make lots of money off of big beauty pageants. In conclusion I believe that beauty pageants should not be banned

  • They should not be outlawed

    Most kids love pageants and it teaches them poise which is a really good thing. Most people who complain about pageants have never been to them. Do not believe what you see on toddlers and tiaras because its not true. Most children 4 and up love it and kids who are younger than 4 learn to mature and then end up loving to win

  • Its not THAT bad

    In my opinion , Making your child practice isn't abusive or wrong , If you have a kid that does soccer , football , basketball , tennis etc. Your going to make he/she go to practice. Losing will not be as bad because if the child loses enough the parent usually stops. Losing just shows the children they need to practice more. There are times when the children lose control and throw tantrums , I agree that is sad but at the end when they get their title they get all happy. A small percentage of the moms go way over the top , but they learn about the hate and sometimes get kicked out of the pageant and learn not to do it again. I have been to pageants myself and they are NOTHING like Toddlers and Tiaras.

  • Its like playing dress up

    All little kids want to play dress up. For girls its princesses or cheerleaders etc. For boys its pirates ninja turtles etc. The only difference is there getting paid for it. Theyre getting prepared for school with there self-esteem and maturity. That is why i think beauty pageants should not be banned

  • Looks Aren't Everything

    What people complain is that beauty pageants are only about looks. They sometimes are, but that doesn't make them bad. Beauty pageants can show how a society can become more accepting. Miss Idaho wore a visible insulin pump for her Type 1 diabetes. Plus, she doesn't look way too skinny, starved, or bored.(Source:http://www.Npr.Org/blogs/health/2014/07/17/332255209/hey-miss-idaho-is-that-an-insulin-pump-on-your-bikini). This gave some girls to swim with visible insulin pumps when they had been scared previously to do that. Miss America of 1999 had on an insulin pump, but it was not visible. People with prostheses are now making them more visible and not always hiding them. We had are first Indian Miss America. Even if many beauty pageants are shallow they tell us more about what society thinks about race and gender-two very important topics.

  • Beauty Pageants should not be BANNED

    One because some kids like going up on there stage, and showing all they have, or got. Some kids want to show off there unnatural beauty, that is totally okay with me if there are okay with it and there parents want to pay money for it I think it totally okay. Beauty pageants are like sports for girly girls, and say the child may feel like she looks ugly of very disproportional maybe this is her way of saying she is beautiful in every way possible

  • No, beauty pageants should not be banned.

    Television would have us believe that beauty pageants encourage loathsome and unattractive behaviors in small children, and this may be accurate. Pageants are expensive, and they focus a lot of attention on surface details, such as the child's appearance and movement. However, it does not necessarily follow that banning pageants for children would halt this. Unless banning pageants demonstrably helps or improves children in some way, they should be left alone.

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