Beauty pageants should not allow performance enhancing drugs, surgery, or cosmetics

Asked by: jaksunmadness
  • Not the real person

    It isn't showing the participants' actual appearance, it is basically like they have a mask on or something, or like they are athletes who have used drugs. People are also being told that they should be themselves and not worry about what others think of them but then her they are drenching themselves in makeup and plastic. What the viewers see is makeup, not skin.

  • Your not supporting Confidence

    In today's society, people are told/show that they have to look a certain way to fit in or being considered beautiful. If the whole purpose of a beauty competition is for women to be confident and independent why should they have to hide who they are. They should be taught that being themselves is good enough and that they shouldn't have to cover it up with make up, hair extensions, and false lashes. Others have posted that people are not being forced to "paint themselves" I don't think that they are forced, but they are persuaded. In the pageant world, mothers put their daughters in these beauty pageants and get them used to this perspective. Eventually they accept it so there is no reason to force it.

  • If bodybuilding doesn't allow it

    Then it's only normal for beauty pageants to disallow these things as well. Those with good genetics can make it far in bodybuilding and that's not a fair competition for the equal amount of effort if not more done by those without those genetics. Bodybuilding actually does involve hitting the metal hard, sticking with a flavorless diet, working on posing/flexibility and sacrificing your time on it. Beauty pageant is what putting on make up and just getting surgery done. Correct me if I'm wrong on the surgery part if they allowed that. There must be silicone scans done on all beauty pageant participants.

  • Cosmetics are Okay

    I firmly believe that the use of cosmetics is okay. It's a beauty pageant. I understand all the "natural beauty" stuff, but if the goal is to get the child to look prettier I think that cosmetics should be allowed. I do not think that performance-enhancing drugs or surgery should be allowed, since they are harmful to the child.

  • Big smile, low body image

     Child Beauty pageants
     16 years and younger compete beauty
     Big hair, heavy make-up and big smile
     Shouldn't’t have these competitions
     Awful, because
     It focuses on the appearance instead of what’s inside
     That’s unhealthy
     They are being judged
     That means even if they try their hardest, they may not win
     It is proved that children who join these contest are more likely to get eating disorders
    The appearance:
     It’s almost the same as telling the children: your look is the most important about you
     “Studies shows when someone focus on a woman’s appearance it reduces their perception of her intelligence” Clinical psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos
     Many studies shows that this affects how girls do in relationships and in school
     Women should focus on their children’s accomplishments
    They are being judged
     This means even if they give it all, most likely they won’t win
     No one would tell a child they’re not good enough, but these contests do
     The TV-shows about these pageants are very popular
     Much drama
     The kids are really getting hurt
     These contests shouldn't’t be allowed
     Affects the children
    Affects the children
     Children who enter beauty pageants are more likely to get eating disorders
     Their body image, may be broken forever
     If they never win, they will feel very bad
     They might have problems with their body image, and will maybe get the “princess-syndrome” That means fighting for the unrealistic picture of the human body

     Child beauty pageants are wrong
     It shouldn't’t be allowed to make children go through this emotional and physical mess
     It will affect them in a bad way
     And most likely they will get trouble later
     Do not enter your children in one of these contests!

  • Sure, they can do whatever they want

    Beauty pageant competitions are perceived wrongly by many. It is not just how people look. It is how confident they are no matter what they are and what they do. They can wear makeup, cosmetics and undergo surgery, but they must express their confidence and justify their actions.
    Of course, women can choose not to wear make up and cosmetics and say that they like themselves the way they are. Or that they don't feel comfortable painting themselves with different creams, and that they won't do anything that they are not comfortable with. They can strongly argue against cosmetic surgeries saying that they are setting bad examples to future generations or they can support cosmetic surgeries saying that they are only embracing how much the technologies and lifestyles have changed over the years, and that there is nothing wrong with using everything around us in this world to make ourselves feel better, as long as it's not illegal and harmless to others.

    It's not just about the visuals that matters. Beauty pageants are much more than that.

    Posted by: dem6
  • The use of drugs and surgeries should not be tolerated

    I believe that using cosmetics while being involved in a beauty pageant is acceptable and reasonable. Wearing make up is one of the key factors in a beauty pageant and is not harmful for any of the children participating. If you do not want your child to wear make up then this competition is not for you. By suggesting the use of drugs and surgery begins a new issue which I believe is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Beauty pageants weren't created so children could start taking pills and harming their body. Beauty pageants are suppose to be fun not dangerous and life risking.

  • Half and Half

    I agree with the argument above - cosmetics are fine because women wear them everyday and I'm guessing beauty pageants are a special occasion for girls who participate so that's fine. But surgery and "performance enhancing" drugs (whatever they even do) is unacceptable, surgery is going way to far - it's a beauty pageant it's not like beauty pageants are that important people should totally change their appearance and take pills and drugs that somehow "enhance" your performance

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