Beauty tax: Should the beautiful be subject to a tax?

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  • No, beauty tax can affect economy.

    Jobs that appearance is important will be the injured party. They can be unemployed because of tax. Also, many people use cosmetics to look good. But when it enforced, less of them will use cosmetics, and cosmetic companies' busuness will be difficult. For the money cycle and for businesses, that should not be enforced.

  • No, they are just lucky.

    No, the beautiful should not be subject to a tax, because the beautiful people cannot help the way they look. If people have the determination and discipline to do what they have to do to be beautiful, that is good for them. I can't hate anyone for being beautiful. I would not wish for them to have to pay a penalty for it.

  • No. You cannot choose your genetics

    To tax the aesthetically pleasing individual is not justifiable. To tax someone who is deemed "beautiful", would first require a consensus on what the definition of beautiful meant. As there are varying opinions on this already I am not sure how you would come to a legal definition. To tax someone who had no say in their genetic make up that made them beautiful is unfair. As the person had no choice in their natural appearance at birth to charge them a tax because of it would be wrong.

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