Because of Political apathy among young voters, their issue aren't properly addressed. Agree or Disagree?

Asked by: wishmania
  • Will our voices even be heard?

    Let me play the Devil's advocate here and ask, will our voices even be heard?

    The reason why I bring this up is because of the Princeton study that recently came out. Our government is driven by one thing, and that is money. Every decision politicians make is based on money. The pigs need to eat. So when it's decision time, and the big wigs need their next meal, they go out and sell their vote to the highest bidder so that they can feast (figuratively and literally). Our country is no longer driven by votes or the voices of the people, the top 1% is behind the wheel in the Oligarchy of the U.S. which is why I ask, do you honestly believe that the government will give up their big fat bonus to listen to us?

    So in short, no, I don't think political apathy, our lack of a voice is the problem. I think it's the politicians' wearing headphones to block us out that is the real problem.

  • Since they don't care, the Government doesn't care.

    I agree. Since young voters don't care about politics, they don't state their stand. The government doesn't know what they want and therefore cannot address their issues. The only way their issues can actually be addressed is if they participate in politics, not necessarily excessively, but if they were to participate In the elections that would help draw attention to their issues.

  • No . _

    The statement is the wrong way around. The correct statement is Because their issues aren't addressed political apathy is allowed to manifest.

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