Beef-jerky plant employee fired after call to 911 over severed thumb. Should the employer be forced to compensate the worker?

  • Of course, they should compensate!

    The injury happened at the job site while the employee was working. He severed his using the machinery that THEY made him use. The company should pay for his injury and the medical bills. They also should not have fired him. In a job like this, the employer has to be responsible for things like this because who knew if the machinery that the worker used was defective? Or what if he didn't get the correct training that he needed to be provided with? THAT IS ON THE EMPLOYER. IT HAPPENED AT YOUR COMPANY< YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. It was also completely unprofessional to fire the employee just because the employer didn't want to pay for a trip to the hospital. The ex-employee needs to look for more information on how to take care of this guy.

  • Yes, the employer should compensate the worker.

    This accident happened at work and therefore the employee should be compensated. The company should not have fired the person for calling 911. A lot of companies would rather you call the manager and / or first responders before calling 911. They would also rather someone drive you to the hospital than to have to pay an ambulance to take you.

  • Yes, if the employee was injured at work

    If the injury occurred at work then the plant should absolutely compensate the worker. If this is the case then the worker should not have been penalized for the injury and calling for help. When an employee is hurt on the job the employer has a duty to pay for their medical care.

  • I think the employer should compensate the worker for injuries

    Depending on how the employee severed their finger, the employer should compensate the worker. If it was a work related accident then insurance should provide coverage and cover medical expenses. I don't see under what circumstances the employer would be legally not responsible for covering injuries or compensating the worker.

  • He lost a thumb!

    How could a person be fired for requesting emergency assistance over a severed thumb? What did the company expect the person to do? Just go on with his work and say nothing? This is horrifyingly ridiculous! Not only should the company take care of his medical bills, but they should also have to provide him with unemployment benefits and compensation for his lost thumb.

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