Beekeepers Fear Livelihood after anti-Zika toxin kills 2.5m bees: Will there be negative consequences with depletion of bee populations?

  • Obviously, there will be.

    It is clear to one educated enough in science, specifically biology, that all forms of living organisms have an impact on how our bodies work physiologically. Bees have been around for around 100 million years, so obviously they already have a great impact on the earth. With an exponentially large amount of bees already dead, there will be significantly less pollen-carriers and thus less plants, specifically flowers and flowering crops, will grow. This also affects the economy, of course. The supply for products such as honey, food (apples, asparagus, avocados, blueberries, broccoli, celery, cherries, citrus crops, cucumber, etc. to name a few), and flowers in general would decrease immensely. Agricultural industries would be most affected by this. Also, bees are responsible, as aforementioned, for many of our fruits and vegetables which are great sources of nutrients and vitamins. 80% of food in grocery stores are all attributed to the hard work of bees. Without bees, a whole chunk of the human race would already be extinct.

  • Safe the Bees

    As a lover of honey, bees are important to me! However, the importance of a bee goes far beyond the reach of the yummy golden liquid that I use as a sweetener. Produce depends on pollination and bees are necessary for that process. By continuing to create pesticides that kill bees we are harming our environment and, in turn, ourselves.

  • Yes, there will be negative consequences for a depleted bee population.

    Yes there will undoubtedly be harsh consequences for a depleted bee population. Bees are one of the primary agents for transferring pollen and seeds from plant to plant. This process fertilizes plants and encouraging growth and production of plant life. Plants are essential in processes such as oxygen production, nutrition as well as raw materials. It is discern able to say that without bees none of these would not be possible or the results would be greatly reduced.

  • Of course there will

    Science has well established that there will be negative consequences with the depletion of bee populations. It is going to completely upset the cycle of life, particularly in how it relates to people and the food we eat. It isn't just about beekeepers potentially losing their jobs, it is about the longer term consequences.

  • No, there will not be many negative consequences to the depletion of the bee population

    No, there will not be many negative consequences to the depletion of the bee population. The bee population does some good by creating honey, however, the bee population is not valuable for much more than that. Zika is a serious problem that needs to be contained and controlled. This is far more important than bees.

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