• You kids do not know what depression is.

    I broke up with girlfriend/boyfriend of 1 year. Not depression
    They ran out of my favorite drink not depression.
    I was not picked first not depression.
    Granted those are sad and soul crushing events but real depression is something that people want gone but cannot escape from.
    They know they should be happy and yet they do not have any will.

    Depression is not a song or a mood or a cool outfit that you can show off. It is something horrible that fills people with absolute despair and misery.

  • It is not the same

    I have depression and i cringe when i hear someone that is sad say that they are depressed. Depression is a mental disorder that should not be self diagnosed but sadness is a human emotion. Depression lasts for a long time where as sadness lasts for a much shorter amount of time. STOP SELF DIAGNOSING PLEASE GO SEE A PROFESSIONAL

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