• It is good for everybody

    You may say that it is sugar coating. But if you can start from the middle then you can rationally choose a side. And if you learn to stand from the middle then you can understand all sides and not be judgmental. But if you scream out your racist ideas that will close the world of rational thinking. When people say that it is killing our country (trump) they are wrong, it allows us to talk with people we disagree with and not cause ww3. And it isn't making us weak it's making us sound sensible so we can actually get things done

  • There are many versions of "political correctness"

    Some are good and some are not. Usually though the word is used as a pejorative, people use the word "political correctness" to talk about versions of political correctness they are against.

    The version Donald Trump opposes is good, although most people would just call it being a decent human being.

    There are some versions that are absurd, for instance SJWs that got a yoga class banned because it's "cultural appropriation".

  • Trump Finger Banged my Fartbox

    I originally loved trump, because he would do my butt all night long. The fact that his 4 inch dong penetrated my ass was just absolute ecstasy. But then he started doing other things, like cumming in my ass, or fingering my Asshole. This disturbed me on so many levels, so no Being politically correct is not a good thing.

  • Doesn't Show REAL Americans opinions

    Its being truthful in what you say, not just saying things to avoid ridicule. It shows that the person is trustworthy and is willing to share their opinion without staying inside the lines. Why do people hate politicians? Because they say whatever they need to say to get elected. Trump for instance is speaking his mind, relating to peoples feelings, and changing the game because of it.

  • Pc is awful

    It shuts people up and stops them from expressing well thought out opinions or sharing facts. It is a complete killer of free speech. It is also a threat to physical safety. For example in Rotherham England between 1997 and 2013 gangs of Pakistani Muslim me abused over 1,400 girls. Why did this go on for so long? Authorities who knew of the abuse were scared that talking about it would make them seem racist. PC must end.

  • Cowardly way to hide under Censorship

    Being politically correct is an unofficial way for those: "Be politically correct or else" Nazi's (sarcasm), to censor people of what they actually think of whatever subject is at issue. For me it's not about being politically correct, its about speaking the truth and not being afraid. Nowadays everyone is walking on egg shells in fear of offending someone. Lets be clear though, i don't condone insults, but respect. And I respect your intelligence enough to tell ya how it is. "Better are the wounds of a friend, than the deceitful kisses of an enemy" - proverbs 27:6

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Fernyx says2016-03-15T14:37:24.387
Not when it is at the point where you can't bring up facts without being called racist, sexist, xenophobic, islamophobic, a bigot, etc.