• Yes everyone should be forced to be gay

    Straight people are just homophobic right wingers who hate gay people that’s why things like straight pride exist and why they invented things like “it’s okay to be straight”. Not to mention we are way too overpopulated and we can’t be populating the earth anymore and we need to tackle overpopulation in order to solve hunger and climate change. Everyone should be forced to date someone that’s the same gender.

  • We should do this

    Humanity is a disgusting and cruel species and the fastest way to stop them would be to make being straight illegal so there would be no more pregnancies and no more babies. Gay people are better in every single way and have the best sex so why not. The human race will die out and then the world can stop being abused by them. I have very little hope for this species

  • What the f**k.

    I think that everyone with an IQ lower than 110 should be exterminated. Society would be so much better off as the bar for intelligence would be much higher. Degenerate LGBT lifestyles lead to significantly higher chances of contracting STDs than that of straight promiscuous lifestyles. Homosexuality is disgusting and has no place on this planet. I believe that there is a cure out there and if our governments really cared about us then they would waste no minute in the search for it. Until then I believe that homos should be executed. I would love to live in a world without them.

  • No way aaaaa

    Hi sorry but no way! I have nothing against people who are gay, Bisexual, Trans etc but in no way could i ever be forced to be anything except straight. As to making it illegal? Why? If gay and bisexual people can have sex, Why ban it for straight people? Also, Supposed it was banned throughout the world. . . . . . . Well that would cause a MAJOR issue since no-one could have kids and humanity would go extinct! Guess its one way to reduce the population i guess.

  • <—- These guys should burn in hell

    I disagree with the two lousy clowns that said yes to this question. Don’t curse people if you want people to not curse you. You know what, If you say yes to this question, You are worse than a furry. Gay people constantly cry about being discriminated and abused. GROW UP CRYBABIES! Be lucky you even have a life.

  • It's your local Christian back with the Christian perspective.

    That would be making one of God's laws illegal, And is also highly dangerous, Might I add.

    Being straight is key to reproducing, And is therefore the most important type of romantic and sexual relationship of all. It is the bane of human existence: it is the reason you and I are here. It is the most holy type of marriage. Banning this would result in absolute chaos, As the majority of people are heterosexual and would naturally feel desire to be with their partner, And as not many homosexuals are celibate, Imagine most of the population trying to do that! Not many would succeed, And, In turn, Half the world would end up in prison. Bearing in mind this is about being straight and, Although it encourages and involves it, Is not simply the act of sexual relations between two people of the same sex. It is wrong to deny relations of the most natural type on earth.

    As for homosexuality, In turn, Being illegal, I disagree that two men or two women showing affection should be worthy of going to prison. God said we should not commit homosexual acts, But He gave us free will so that it's not against the state to BE homosexual, And would at least not result in harsh punishment, But rather it is against Him to marry someone and to have sex with someone of the same sex because that would not be MARRIAGE under the definition he gave: the unity of one man and one woman to become one.

  • We must learn to accept each other, Not hurt or illegalize anyone.

    I am all in for supportng LGBTQ +, But really are we not trying to eliminate the barrier between the thoughts of traditional relationships and the true reality of diverse relationship. I thought the whole point of inclusion of sexuality, Age, Race, Class +, Was to accept everyone, Not that one side is/was better than another. In any movement, Sure one side is more supported or "better", But the point of protesting is for equity. By making being straight illegal, We are depriving a percentage of society of the right to love who they want to love. LGBTQ+ needs more support, Acknowledgment and acceptance, But in no way is anyone justifying that being straight is bad. Minorities should be supported, Majorities ar far more fortunate, But in now way is it fair to say that the majority should be illegal. We must learn to accept each other, Not hurt anyone.

  • What? ?

    Yeah, Let's ban 97% of the entire human race because some people from the western left think the 3 per cent deserves all the praise and attention specifically for doing nothing but existing. Perfectly good idea with no flaws whatsoever. I think this is a brilliant idea and should be supported, I mean we supported stupid ideas before, Like communism. And nothing bad happened, Rightt?

  • This is nuts

    Whats wrong with being straight. I heard this abhorrent idea to make being straight illegal and consequently will prevent overpopulation. Lets say you implement this law into legislature today who will take care of the retiring population(us) if there are no younglings who would keep the country running and us financed. Humans are left old and helpless then exterminated(lack of help) for what some people see as superior sexual interest( subjective opinion) and the higher good( allegedly). Lets just make this ill idea illegal from being conversed. This will fit nicely since people do not understand the value of freedom. This is absurd.

  • No because then everyone would be LGBT

    If everyone was LGBT the world would honestly suck, Seeing as people in the LGBT are some of the softest, Hypocritical, And cruel people you will ever have the displeasure of meeting. They are the ones who caused division within society between sexualities, Which wouldn't have been happened if they didn't exist or all kept quiet.

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