Being subject to discrimination can be a good experience to someone's life. Can being subject to racism or discrimination render someone's attitude towards life positively?

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Being subject to discrimination can be a good experience to someone's life. Can being subject to racism or discrimination render someone's attitude towards life positively?
  • What does not kill us, makes us stronger.

    Long ago, my ancestors lived in Germany and the Netherlands. This was prior to WWII and when the troubles started they got their butts out of there. It is possible that at the time they were Jewish and that may have been the reason. Either way, they went to the U.S. Shortly after, the U.S. joined the war and people who where from the region or spoke German or anything that sounded like a German accent was looked at as siding with Germany. The good thing was, we had adapted quickly to the American way of life and had learned to speak English very well. Unfortunately, some of my relatives where not so lucky. One was tarred, feathered, and run out of town because his name sounded too German and he spoke with a German accent. Sad thing is, his older brother had joined the Army and was fighting against Germany at the time. The only reason why he did not go was because he was needed to help on his parents farm.
    After the war, relations between people of German heritage and others slowly got better and there is not discrimination toward us at all.
    Because we worked hard to prove ourselves, we gained a reputation of being hard working, honest people in the area.

  • Racism is not as prevalent as the media portrays it.

    Minorities are not oppressed like the liberal media would lead us to believe. People of color are granted many benefits that Caucasians do not. Lower requirements to be accepted to a University is one of the first things that comes to mind. There are also many scholarships and grants that they are entitled to. Racism has been redefined as oppression when, in fact, it is quite the opposite. People are entitled to their own opinions.

  • Learning from Exposure

    Personally, in my life, I've been exposed to many different types of people. While I've learned from the majority various ways to view situations and go about life, there are some from whom I learned what not to do. Being subjected to hate and discrimination is an awful experience, but it is possible to take away from it a lesson or new understanding. Once you have been loved, you can understand that warmth. Once you know hate, you can understand the pain and sadness that comes with it. With this first-hand exposure to that very pain, an individual may be moved to avoid spreading that type of suffering.

  • I disagree it is a positive experience

    Lastly, on my theory rant about underlying ideologies; I shall ask the question of what if you as an individual does not survive. I shall use the example of Blackness and Police Brutality with antiblackness that usually results in the death of the Black victim. Many did not survive, which means that they didn't get a chance to grow stronger through oppression because the oppression was built off the murdirability of Black males as well as the criminalization of them. This is merely an example, but it proves my point, that we cannot talk about the characterization of prejudice, racism, and oppression as a positive thing, a good experience like the question supposes or a positive aspect towards life. The stronger part only comes after you are out of the oppression, but what about the people who aren't. Black people and many women today. This ultimately creates a negative experience towards life that the question asks.

  • Any traumatic event causes character growth

    But that doesn't mean it's all good. Any bad thing will cause character change, but not everybody has the dynamic ability to make that growth positive. Being treated harshly upon by racists would just probably end up making the person bitter and angry. Most folks have a hard time dealing with that kind of stuff.

  • Racism or discrimination are to be negatively impacting teens in the future

    I personally experience this kind of situations when a teen is being bullied, or people are being racist to him. He will mostly m=not try to solve it, hide, no go to school, have a really low self esteem and self confidence, no friends and his relationship with the family will just worsen . Further more, it is not a good thing to be discriminated, the victims themselves are saying so. The disneychannel shows every day, program about bullied kids, how the suffer and how negatively it impacted them, they are now feeling better, living better, and over all they are super stars. This wouldn't have happened if they didn't speak up and say no.

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