Belgium beats South Korea: Does Belgium have the most delicious waffles in the world?

  • Sweet Belgium Waffles

    There is nothing like Belgium waffles!! I had English waffles for years and was content with them until I tried a Belgium waffle.. I then discovered the joys of real food! They are sweet, crispy and yet soft inside. Absolutely perfect and extremely addictive! When my friend goes to Belgium she brings me waffles back!

  • I have heard this!

    I am not going to lie, I have never tried any waffles from Belgium. That being said, I do love my waffles a great deal, and I have also heard from tons of people, including from my country here in the states, that yes, Belgium does in fact have the best waffles in the world.

  • Belgium has a great Soccer team and Great Waffles!

    The frozen waffles you buy in the grocery store do not compare even remotely to Belgian waffles. They are sweet and crunchy instead of dry and stale like anything you find pre-packaged in the frozen isle. Seriously, Belgian waffles are like eating heaven for breakfast! It must have been the energy source in Belgian waffles that gave the Belgian soccer team their winning edge over South Korea.

  • Belgium are known for having delicious waffles.

    I agree that Belgium beats South Korea in the delicious waffle department. Many food critics have written good reviews for Belgium's waffle houses, but I have never heard anything about Korean waffles. If Korea made good waffles, one would think there would be existing reviews to promote thier culinary expertise.

  • Ha ha ha

    I do not like waffles in general now now now people no need to get mad at me for saying no but i just don't like waffles that much but if i had too choose then i would go for american waffles in the hyatt and hilton hotel those waffles are delicous

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