• As long as everyone agrees

    Any deal can be a fair deal if all parties agree. Since both the governing parties of Belgium and the Netherlands agreed to the exchange than in all uncertain times it must be a fair trade. There may be parts that seem unlikely but overall it is a fair exchange of territories.

  • Territory exchange between Belgium and Netherlands is fair

    The territory exchange between Belgium and Netherlands is actually quite fair, and because of how smoothly the exchange is, it can be fair to say that both countries are quite pleased with the exchange. For example, Belgium is giving up some land that is surrounded by the Netherlands and could only be gotten to by boat. It makes sense for this exchange, and I believe that we can classify it as fair since both sides are happy with the exchange.

  • A fair and smart decision

    The border swaps going on in Belgium and the Netherlands are a welcome breath of fresh air from the usual drawn-out drama and legal misery that accompanies the bureaucracy of such a swap. It's a direct and effective way to solve disputes that acts as the best decision for all parties involved.

  • Yes, and more countries should do the same

    The reason for such magnanimity? "Because it makes sense to do so," says Marcel Neven, the mayor of Vise, Belgium. This is a lesson in foreign exchange and more countries should follow suit, instead of drawing out long battles and shedding needless lives in their war for territory. Stupid other countries.

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