Belichick eyes model Chrissy Teigen: Is it okay for men to gawk at women?

  • Unsure how to vote yes or no.

    I am a man. I am married and love my wife deeply. I would never do anything with another woman. But as I said I am a man and we are visual. If are a woman I will notice you. Gawking, I guess that means big time staring
    I don't usually do that. But if you are showing what you got, it's hard not to look. If you are male from about 8 to 80, a pretty woman is like a magnet to our eyes. A lot of us don't want to stare. You Ladies could help us out. I don't mean you should wear a burka
    But I've seem some women showing a LOT
    I know they are wanting certain people to look, but the reality is everyone is looking.

  • Gawking is okay sometimes

    Gawking is okay sometimes. As long as it isn't done in the presence of another person's spouse or loved one, or on the job, there is nothing wrong with it. Men and women will always look at each other, and unless they are violating some strong unwritten rules, we should just let it go.

  • Yes, it's okay fo rmen to gawk at women, even Bill Belichick.

    Looking never hurt anyone. There is a fine line between looking and gawking, but most women will agree that they don't mind being the center of attention. Most women would be very disappointed if men suddenly stopped looking at them. So yes, it's okay for even nasty Bill Belichick to admire someone's booty.

  • Men can show civilized appreciation without gawking.

    Good gracious who could still be asking this question in this day and age? No, we don't gawk at women. Regardless of their physical attributes, we are all people first. Sure, show an appreciative glance, followed with a smile. Almost everyone likes to be appreciated. But almost no one likes to be stared at, leered at, whatever you want to call it. And you know better, mister.

  • It's creepy and uncomfortable

    They stare at you like a baby does. They don't realize how creepy they are actually being, and not to mention it's very objectifying to women. It's okay to look, but staring for like ten hours because you're thinking of all the mental images of your desperation is just creepy l0l

  • No, because women should not be objectified.

    When men openly gawk at women, it objectifies them in a way that turns them into mere possessions. Certainly, an appreciation of the female form is not to be discouraged, as human beings can be beautiful. However, by gawking at all women, it invades their privacy and is offensive. Not all women want to be looked at in a sexual way.

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