Beliebers? How do you feel about them defending Justin?

Asked by: AndreaMariee
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  • I really don't hate Justin directly

    Well, apart from the DUIs and dodgy behaviour and trying to start on a fricking jounalist and whatever. But teh fans are so much more annoying than him to me personally. The way they defend him no matter what. That sounds good when you say it out loud but I bet if Justin killed someone they'd still go defending like "he's young he doesn't know better" and that's what annoys me.

  • He needs a time-out and maybe a few light slams now and then, not a break.

    Justin Bieber is a legally-grown idiot, not a kid. Point blank, no way around it. However, he's smart enough to know that he has the hearts of little teenage girls (and very immature young women) in the palms of his hands which is the very reason why he needs to conduct himself with a little more professionalism and decorum. He only acts this way because he was encouraged to do so by all of his "yes" people, including Razor Scooter Whatever-the-Hell-His-Name-Is. I don't care how old he was when he got famous. Clearly he didn't know how to act back then, and that's his freakin' parents' fault. Learn how to raise your damn kids and maybe they won't grow up to be this little chickens**t. By the way, what's disgusting is when one of his little "Belieber" fans tweet death threats to all those who despise the almighty JB. Newsflash ladies (and gentlemen, I guess)... Justin Bieber does not know you. If you went broke tomorrow he's not gonna take you in. He couldn't care less that you like him or his "art", all he wants is your money. I could easily go in on this guy's diaper pants and everything else, but you really have to look past all that to understand what I'm saying. Everything about him that we all see on the outside reflects what's on the inside which, indeed, is rotten to the core.

  • JB can go straight to Hel!.

    He is a brat and and is a threat to the lives of others. If one is so blinded as to defend him, they are basically asshats with no respect for societal laws. JB got what was coming, and now maybe he'll get some sense knocked into his head. So yeah.

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