Belief in god is almost always arbitrary if not always arbitrary.

Asked by: steffon66
  • Even when they have "reasons" to believe in god they are not good reasons

    Ive heard christians say god exists because the sun set is different everyday. Well would you expect it to be the same when there is more than trillions of ways it can go with an equal chance? If the sun set was the same everyday then i would think there must be a god responsible for it if i knew my brain wasnt imposing the view of the sunset on the sky. Ive heard a lot of "reasons" to believe when really they are just "justifications" for believing that show an extreme lack of reason. Some atheists are just as irrational as most religious people though. Most people believe what they want to. I know this because their beliefs are always about as optimistic as the person who came up with them can possibly be while just using their emotions and they are only good for them and only horrible for the people they hate for subjective reasons. There is no evidence of god there is only feelings that say god exists because the people who feel that way have been taught that way.

  • No G0D R Gr8

    No, god is awesome. Like srsly I don't even no what that meens but it sounds like a bad thing an god is good and jeesus and the angel but hell and the devils r evil of course because god r gr8 and u r a stupid HERETIC and jesus hates u, the devil eets ur n00b soul and lol god an the angel r gunna smite u 4 ur HERESY!!1

  • Evidence and Reason

    Religion is not arbitrary because there is corroborated written evidence of witnesses for God providing reason for faith. The various Judaeo-Christian prophets have over the millennia said the same things concerning God and His commandments to us on earth.

    The mutual corroboration, coherence and cohesion provided by these several witnesses is sufficient reason for faith. Add to that, the testimony of the Holy Ghost (and they must be taken together) then one may then, with validity say they have good reason for faith approaching knowledge.

  • It's not arbitrary, because belief is not dictated by whim.

    I am a confirmed Atheist, but there is no way I could condone such a belief. I've met Christians, who have believed in their God for many reasons. Some of them believed in God because of their upbringing. Some say "Because I just do." However, one intriguing response that I've heard is because of a life changing event, such as a near death experience. Events that change the way they view life. If they truly believe that an omnipotent being is involved in this world, I feel we should respect their view, because ultimately there is no way to know. I certainly don't believe it, but I acknowledge there is no way to know definitely. Not believing in something is no reason to dismiss it. I would also like to add that acting as if their belief has no worth or value, to themselves or other, we build walls instead of bridges. Oh, and Steffon66. Stop using Christianity's worst arguments. At least discuss the weaknesses of theories such at the Ontological argument rather than using personal experiences for a less than compelling argument.

  • To categorize religion in an arbitrary form or a non arbitrary form of truth is an error itself.

    Religion is a non arbitrary phenomenon, because for an identity to be constructed religion and personal experiences are interconnected. Religious facts shape the ideas of individuals, but childhood being another happening that determines identities. This form of development is constructed based on certain bonds in life. It is known that the type of religion is the source of love. The source of affection being a changing principle as the idea of realism diversifies over time. Hence, realism is the everlasting idea in mind of peace and comfort.

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steffon66 says2015-08-22T00:35:42.710
One day and no one has answered? Wow. Not a lot of theists that can provide premises for their beliefs. I must be right.
steffon66 says2015-08-25T16:30:49.400
Ok guys answer me this. If beilef in your god isnt arbitrary then explain how your god comes with more evidence than any others. You believe the religion that your parents believed in because your feelings and whimsical side have adapted to those religions. Using your feelings or whim to choose which god you believe in is arbitrary.