Ben and Jerry free cone day: Are long lines for freebies worth your time?

  • Use a system to tell

    If you are presented with a free ice cream cone day, you should drive over to the event and use this operation. Count the people you see in line, (children, included. Also count carseats for babies) and divide the number of people by the total of what your order would cost. If your quotient is less than 9, you should most certainly go in.
    *you should just drive by, and if you don't see anyone waiting outside you're definitely gold*

  • Consider the product and the usual cost

    If the product is SO SUPER GOOD then it's worth it to pay or wait in line for a freebie. If the product is just SUPER GOOD then don't pay for it and wait in line for a freebie. You also have to take into consideration how long the line is and the original cost. If the line is 9x's longer than the cost for your order, it's not worth it anymore. But in almost every case (especially Ben and Jerry's) it's worth it.

  • Long lines, but great ice cream.

    Long lines are always part of a giveaway. However, depending on what the giveaway is for, and how long the wait is when I have arrived, the wait could be worth it. For Ben and Jerry's ice cream, it would be because I don't get to purchase this brand often.

  • Yes, the long lines are worth the time to get a free Ben and Jerry cone.

    Without a doubt, the time spent waiting in line for a free Ben and Jerry ice cream cone is well worth it! The pleasure derived from eating the sweet treat outweighs any amount of time or money. There will be very long lines on free cone days at Ben and Jerrys.

  • No, I would rather pay for it than wait for a small freebie.

    Ice cream doesn't cost that much money, at all. I would rather pay a few dollars than wait a long time for ice cream. Freebies are usually limited. If they have limited choices and sizes, then it would be worth it to just buy what I want. My time is more valuable.

  • No,they're not worth the time.

    Ben and Jerry sell a delicious, premium product, but standing in line for half an hour to get a taste isn't a good trade-off. Time is a valuable commodity and spending it just standing around waiting isn't a good use of that resource. Buy a cone and walk away or let it go.

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