Ben Carson did not live in public housing: Are politicians becoming more embolden with their lies?

  • It seems that way

    This election cycle seemed to show just how easy it was for the Republican politicians to tell lie after lie without anyone seeming to notice or care. They realized that they could do this and either the media would just walk away from the lie or their supporters would refuse to believe it as a lie. Many of the Trump supporters this year seemed to believe everything he told them, no matter how far from the truth it was.

  • Yes, I think politicians are becoming more emboldened with their lies

    The big lie about Ben Carson living in public housing is just one lie told by those connected to Donald Trump. The sheer volume of lies is huge, that in itself tells you how many people have the courage to make stuff up. It has became acceptable to Donald Trump and people who follow him, to just make up whatever the hell they want in order to garner support and push their viewpoint, this is what has caused the escalation in lies.

  • Yes, they are.

    In the age of Facebook, when internet memes sound bites, and fake news can be shared with millions of people instantly, it is hard to seperate fact from fiction, and most people no longer care. All that matters anymore is the public's perception of you, not whether or not what you say is true.

  • People want stories.

    All politicians claim that they grew up in poverty. Of course, we all know the truth. Most of them did not. Politicians know that they are never held accountable for what they claim. Even Clinton claimed that she was broke after leaving the White House. We all know they say whatever they want.

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