• He would be great!

    Dr. Ben Carson, the famous neurosurgeon and conservative super star, has made a major announcement: HE IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT!

    Officially, Carson – who just became a Republican after spending years as an Independent – is ready to challenge the policies of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And it all begins with a 40-minute long television special he is sponsoring to introduce himself

    Dr. Carson understands America’s health care crisis more than most people, and can articulate his principled conservative principles well. At this point, he is the only official Republican candidate.

    Do you agree that Dr. Ben Carson would be a MUCH better President than Barack Obama?

    Posted by: BIGC
  • He doesn't look like a strong leader.

    Ben Carson does have some good ideas and concepts, but he is not a strong leader. Ben Carson is not a negotiator and is not someone who would keep their calm when pressured by another country. I feel Ben Carson would be better in a cabinet position instead of Commander in Chief.

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