• Just Face it, He's Done

    And it's a good thing he is. Not only is Ben Carson is just plain crazy, he has absolutely no political experience whatsoever, and people want him to be leader of the free world.

    Look, if I ever need to have my brain operated on, I'd trust Ben Carson. But as far as politics is concerned, Carson should stay away.

  • I think he's done

    Ben Carson had his moment in the spotlight, but that has since faded. He did not show well in the Iowa caucuses, and seems to be losing momentum in other states. Although he is putting up a fight about how he is NOT leaving the race, I don't think it will be long before he exits. His campaign is not strong enough to hold on much longer.

  • Ben Carson's bid is over

    Ben Carson's fifteen minutes are up. The beloved neurosurgeon turned presidential candidate is returning to Florida after his poor showing in the Republican Iowa Caucus. Polls is upcoming primary states are also unfavorable. The doctor's popularity has waned as voters have shifted to rivals Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. Now that Carson has lost so much steam, it's had to picture him making a recovery.

  • Ben Carson could be a considerable vice president.

    I don't think Ben should quit politics. I honestly think some people should consider him as their vice president, including Rubio, Cruz, and Trump. He can go back to Neurosurgery if he wants to, but he seems to be a pretty good candidate. Plus, someone on Ted Cruz's campaign team sent out emails saying that Carson quit running in Iowa, when he didn't. Ben Carson should probably stick around for a little bit.

  • No, I think that Ben Carson will continue to be a candidate for president through the primary season.

    Ben Carson did not perform as well as expected in the Iowa Caucus, but I do not think that this means his campaign will be cut short. He has many supporters in other areas of the country, and I think that his campaign will continue at least until the primary results from those regions are known.

  • Ben Carson can continue in politics

    I don't think it is fair to say that Ben Carson's 15 minutes are up because he is a politician and he can always continue to do so in the future. It only takes time and dedication and if he continues to apply himself to it, he can be succesful at it.

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