• Yes. Not fit for purpose.

    Sad to say Apple have dropped the ball on this one. After less than two weeks mine is slightly bent. Not good enough for the price I paid, considering I have been careful and only ever had the phone in my front pocket... And no, I don't wear tight pants.

  • Toyota does it when it confers their customers and cars cost way more than phone.

    Toyota does it when it confers their customers and cars cost way more than phone. Thats what any respectable company should do if they care for the their costumers. Apple will have to at least do a revision to their current design if they cannot redesign the phone which is understandable. This is a major flop. No matter how fancy their testing facility is if real life results are different. Whole point of testing is to predict real life problems yup ahead and not to deny real life actual problems by showing off the testing lab.

  • yes they should

    Yes! They really need too! There is absolutely NO reason anyone should have to keep a bending phone. That is their fault, and they definitely need to fix it. They should have under gone more testing obviously. You would think that bendability would have been noticeable had they actually had people try them out.

  • Yes, Apple should recall the iPhone 6 Plus due to bending.

    Apple has always been known for high quality products and excellent customer service. With problems arising so fast after the initial launch of their latest product, the iPhone 6 Plus, it would be important to act fast to keep their reputation and fan base. Happy customers are return customers. Not recalling the product could turn millions away from Apple products in the future.

  • No! It is not Apple doing the bending.

    Do a recall if the phone bends by itself or could cause somebody physical harm. As far as bending in your pocket, it is how the users use the device that is bending it. Put a pencil in your back pocket and sit on it, what happens? Most likely a break. Sit on your laptop when you can. What happens? The screen cracks. If you want a tank, buy a tank. The iPhones, like many other tech toys are fragile and not meant to survive everything you can think of. In the end, the bending is because of the way people WANT to handle the product and NOT how Apple have designed it. Are we as consumers so ridiculous as to demand a product be reinvented because of our own inadequate flaws and preferences.

  • No need to reacall Apple's IPHONE 6 when a warranty is available.

    It doesn't seem that the Apple's IPHONE 6 bend is enough to do a recall. Consumers have reported that pressure from putting their phones in their front pockets causes the slight bend, but like anything else you have to treat a quality product with care and that means by protecting your phone and if a bend happens where it isn't the cause of the consumer's poor practices in handling their phone and warranty can be used.

  • No, they shouldn't

    As there have only been 9 official complaints to Apple about iPhone 6 Plus's bending they shouldn't be recalled. They should only be recalled one a higher number of complaints have been received. Apple should however do some further research into why/how they are bending so that when/if more complaints come in then they are prepared

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