• Why not donate?

    Australia has about 150 thousand deaths per year. Out of those 150 thousand only 74 000 people die in hospitals. 700 of those are people that could potentially donate. Out of those mere 700 only 375 people donated organs. That is only 0.0047% of deaths in Australia have the opportunity to donate organs

  • Yes organ donation should be mandatory

    It will save a lot more lives if we make organ donation mandatory. For those who don't want to donate organs they can opt-out, that is no problem at all. Most people are grown-up enough to recognise once they die that it is, there is no heaven or anything like that, what happens to your organs is irrelevant. Better to save somebody else's life then either be cremated or buried.

  • No, i disagree.

    Organ donation definitely has benefits, as anyone with a donated heart or lung will tell you. But donating organs is a choice and shouldn't be made mandatory. The only thing that should be mandatory is for the family to have to donate the organs of someone who chose to be an organ donor before dying.

  • It should be strongly encouraged

    I myself am an organ donor, and I strongly encourage others to be as well. However, we cannot force a person to give up parts of their body just because they do not need them anymore. As a matter of fact, there are some religions who strictly forbid organ donation. A person should always have the right to choose whether they want to donate organs or keep their body intact.

  • No, organ donation is not mandatory.

    No, organ donation is not mandatory. Individuals should be able to decide whether to donate their organs after they pass away. In the absence of this consent, the loved ones of the deceased should be given this ability. The state should not decide what happens to the bodies of the dead.

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