Bergdahl Swap Raises Ethical Questions: Is There a Price Too High for Return of All American Soldiers?

  • Yes, I agree it can be too high.

    I do not believe that we should have traded five Taliban officers for one American Soldier who had possible deserted his post. I think we should have tried to track him down via other methods and hopefully formulate a mission to rescue him. However, I believe negotiating with the Taliban as if they were some sort of actual government may cost more lives in the long run.

  • Yes, there is a price to high sometimes for returned American soldiers

    While the lives of all Americans should be cherished, especially American soldiers, I think that there is a price too high sometimes for American soldiers that are returned from battle. I do not believe that the US government should make deals and exchanges for soldiers if it means bring back terrorists to the battle field.

  • The Price Was Too High for This One

    No, there is not a price too high for the return of all American soldiers, because this is the only soldier that voluntarily left to join the other side. If a person is really taken captive, then there is no price too high. But Bergdahl wanted to leave in order to be a traitor. The price was too high for his return.

  • There is no price too high for the return of all american soliders

    The United States has an ultimate moral and ethical responsibility to care for it's soldiers, who are willing to risk their life in defence of the country. No matter what the price is, we can not simply turn our back against soldiers who have been captured by the enemy and ignore their plight.

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