Bergdahl's release: Should Obama have provided Congress with prior notice of the prisoner trade?

  • Yes, Obama should have notified Congress prior notice of the prisoner trade.

    Why should it be up to the sole discretion of the president when we trade high-risk detainees for our prisoners of war. We are still in active battle with the terrorist group. This should not have been taken so lightly. This is something that should have been up for debate between congress. If it was deemed a bad idea, then the trade should not have happened.

  • Yes, Obama should have consulted with Congress prior.

    I believe that Obama should have provided Congress with prior notice before the prisoner trade of Bergdahl. I think that Obama acting alone on the prisoner trade was a breach of trust between the president and Congress. I also do not believe that a president should conduct themselves in such a manner.

  • Obama should have gave Congress prior notice

    I think that President Obama acted very wrong by not letting Congress know about Bergdahl's release. When you are releasing terrorist and making a exchange for a American Prisoner he had no right to act alone without also getting Congress input. Even if he did not want to make it public due to safety and security to the general public he should have at least got Congress approval and input.

  • Yes, he should have.

    Unless he felt like telling Congress would have risked the safety of the prisoner, then of course he should have told Congress before the trade happened. This again seems like an overstep by President Obama because he had already made up his mind about the trade and didn't want a headache while trying to accomplish it. I do not believe he expected the backlash.

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