Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump by 10 points in polls: Should Sanders run for president as an independent?

  • Yes, Sanders should run as an independent

    Yes, Sanders should run as an independent. I think that Sanders would have way more support than Hillary Clinton, especially among independents. Hillary Clinton is a very polarizing figure, and many people despise her just as much as they despise Trump. If Bernie ran, he would pick up so many more independent voters and would beat Trump.

  • The views of Bernie Sanders have many supporters

    Recent polls indicate a victory by Hillary Clinton is far from being a certainty. Her perceived health issues and stern personality concern many voters. Bernie Sanders always had broad appeal, especially with younger voters. He has a good chance of defeating Donald Trump and being the first person to run as an independent to win the presidential election.

  • Bernie Sanders should remain on the sidelines

    Bernie Sanders should not run for president as an Independent. It would hurt Hillary Clinton's chances, and likely lead to the election of Donald Trump. Sanders would also hurt his own reputation since he would be seen a spoiler merely running to satisfy his own ego at the expense of the party.

  • No, Sanders should not run for president as an independent.

    No, Sanders should not run for president as an independent because he and Clinton will simply split the vote. If he received the nomination instead of Clinton, he would have a legitimate chance of winning. But there are too many Clinton supporters for him to overcome Trump in the election.

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