Bernie Sanders campaign strategist states the senator was not disrespectful at all on Sunday at the Democratic debate: Do you agree?

  • Yes, Bernie should pay more attention and get his facts right.

    Both the Republican and Democrat debates have been astoundingly good: they point to the clear, substantive choices available to the US American voter in November 2016. The choices are worlds apart - meaning they are clear-cut. With the eyes of the world upon it, it will be fascinating to see how the US American voter steps up to the plate in November. But, on the other side, I can't believe Sanders said that white people don't know what it's like to be poor. This is exactly the typical leftist and-white animosity that runs to the core of the Democrat party and most leftists and liberals. The substance of white guilt is astonishing.

  • Sanders not disrespectful

    Opponents of Bernie Sanders appear to be trying to grab at any straws they can to attack him. Hillary Clinton is a headstrong and politically savvy political opponent - in my opinion the actions of Bernie Sanders which people are calling disrespectful are just him standing up for himself to be heard.

  • Frustration Not the Same as Disrespect

    Although Bernie Sanders could have handled his frustration at being interrupted more tactfully, he wasn't being disrespectful. He should be more aware that his words are going to be under extra scrutiny because of the context of speaking to a woman, and he needs to go more out of his way than normal to make sure people know his intention of respect. His frustration got the better of him.

  • No he wasnt

    Hillary Clinton was constantly disrupting him during the speech and she was constantly distorting his record. Hence he had to speak about that and that he did in a respectful manner.So it is right that Bernie Sanders campaign strategist stated the senator was not disrespectful at all on Sunday at the Democratic debate.

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