Bernie Sanders' demand that Flint's governor Rick Snyder resign over the water crisis: Do you agree with it?

  • Yes, I agree with Bernie Sanders that the Michigan's governor Rick Snyder should resign.

    Yes, I agree with Bernie Sanders that Michigan's governor Rick Snyder should resign because a city was poisoned under his watch. Government officials need to be held accountable for the extreme negligence that happened in Flint. Although I believe that Bernie Sanders attacked Snyder with ease because he's a Republican and Sanders a Democrat, I still think that Snyder needs to resign and a new governor should begin the rebuilding process.

  • Snyder is a disgrace

    I think the way both Sanders and Clinton addressed the issue was fair. We can't assume that there was criminal activity. It is unfair for people to judge criminal actions without the facts. But what was made very clear was that political ramifications don't require the same level of scrutiny as criminal ramifications. The fact is, a major preventable crisis happened under Rick Snyder's watch and he is as a governor responsible for either preventing the issue from happening in the first place or at the very least acting quickly to address the issue before it gets out of hand. It's becoming abundantly clear that he did neither and he shouldn't get to keep his job over it.

  • Forget resigning, he should be fired!

    Any member of the government in Michigan that has had the power to help the residents of Flint and have chosen not to should be terminated immediately. The conditions that those residents have been left with is downright appalling. The people responsible not only for allowing it to happen in the first place, but also those who have sat idly by without correcting the problem, should be thrown out and replaced with decent human beings who care about the people.

  • Yes, if the governor is guilty

    Yes, if the governor is guilty, he should resign. If they have found him to be negligent and aware of the problem, he should resign, and perhaps be charged with a crime. Because the government did not take preventative action the people in Flint will be diseased. Now, much more money will have to be spent remedying the problem.

  • Snyder has little to do with the crisis!

    In all honestly, I do feel sorry for the people of Flint, but at the same time blaming Snyder is going to help you at all. He has little to do with this crisis what so ever and regardless of the factor he's trying fix this up, but people like sanders and Clinton are using this crisis for political gain which really sickens me!

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