Bernie Sanders described Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's behavior as "outrageous and unconscionable": Do you agree?

  • Bernie is different

    Bernie Sanders is not afraid to tell the truth about the disgusting behavior of people in power. Many people don't realize how evil some people who claw their way to power are. I am glad that he is not afraid to call people out on their irresponsible and disgusting behavior.

  • Sanders' criticism of Arpaio is accurate

    Bernie Sanders has accurately described Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's behavior as "outrageous and unconscionable." Arpaio has been accused of many things, including abuse of power, misuse of funds, failure to investigate sex crimes, improper clearance of cases, unlawful enforcement of immigration laws, and election law violations. He has been found guilty of racial profiling. His latest arrests of undocumented immigrants are just his latest example of bad behavior.

  • He's trying to do something

    There's a crime problem in this country. At least Joe Arpaio wants to be tough on crime. That's better than having to look crime victims in the eye and say that you didn't do anything about it. Arpaio just wants to make sure that being in jail isn't like being on vacation, and that's a good goal.

  • Sanders Does Not Know about Arpaio

    Bernie Sanders continuously tells the American public what they want to hear, even if that means blatantly lying to them. He is trying to build a platform by telling Americans that everything will be free; however, he doesn't reveal the whole plan of how that will negatively impact taxpayers. As a result, Sanders cannot be trusted with anything he says, including his comments about Arpaio.

  • Bernie is wrong

    Bernie is wrong. This is because Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done nothing but speak for border control to protect the United States from foreign invaders. Bernie has no problem allowing people access to America and America's benefits, even if they have broken the law by coming here illegally and don't respect our laws. Bernie should apologize to the sheriff because the man is only doing his job.

  • Just unfounded accusations.

    The sheriff didn't have to give Sander's wife a tour but he did. Instead of respecting that and being polite, she decided to ask some accusing questions. How rude. Of course the people held are going to be Hispanic, they are illegals from Hispanic countries like Mexico. Obviously, she didn't witness any abuse but decided to imply it happens.
    As far as the little girl is considered, I am not sure if she was born here, so a U.S. citizen or not. If she wasn't, then she should be sent back to her parents. If she is then the parents should be given a choice. Either surrender her U.S. citizenship and have her sent back or put her up for adoption. Either way, they should not be given citizenship just because of their daughter.
    No surprise they are going for the politically correct angle with the Redskins comment. Hey, if you don't like a team because of their name, don't become a fan. What next, are animal groups going to demand the Bears or Rams because they are being portrayed as being aggressive? Tired of this PC bull.

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