Bernie Sanders endorses ColoradoCare universal health care measure. Do you think the health measure will become embraced in other states?

  • Universal healthcare will follow path paved by women's suffrage, minimum wage, marriage equality, and more.

    When other states see how well their friends in Colorado have it with their "Medicare for All" health care program, they will pass it state-by-state until we hit a tipping point and get national universal health care. That's exactly what happened in Canada, with Saskatchewan leading the way, and it's exactly what the corporate insurance industry is afraid of -- hence the million$ they're pouring into opposing it.

  • Health care is an important issue for everyone

    The topic of health care and how to provide for a large aging population has been a topic of discussion and debate for more than a decade. Even if people do not agree on the best approach to health care, everyone agrees something must be done better than what is done currently.

  • Universal health care is still a ways off.

    Although Colorado tends to be in the forefront of many social and medical issues, it's unclear at this point whether other states will follow suit in the wake of the ColoradoCare measure. Red states certainly won't be on board, and others may not be fiscally ready for this major change. It will be several decades before the rest of the states catch up with Colorado on this one.

  • Colorado will soon abandon it too

    Just like every other state that has tried single-payer health care, Colorado will soon find out that it costs far too much and the service is unsustainable. It's great that the government realizes that health care costs are out of control, but it still hasn't realized that the reason for those skyrocketing costs are government-mandated layers between the doctor and patient. This problem will not be fixed by adding more layers of bureaucrats.

  • No, the ColoradoCare health care measure will not be emraced in other states.

    The reason for this is the American people. Americans are highly proud, strong willed, and independent individuals who are not looking for the government to run another area of their lives. Americans will vote this measure out if it came into their state because the American people would rather handle the costs of health care from their own pockets rather than the government taking the money themselves.

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