• YES - Bernie Sanders for President!

    If you haven't heard of Bernie Sanders, don't know very much about him, or are too loyal to your own party and ideologies to have a difference of opinion - PLEASE take a moment and learn about this politician!

    You too will be amazed!

    Check this out:

    Bernie is in fact an Independent from Vermont (I-VT). But he is running on the Democratic ticket so he will not be pushed to the side because of bipartisan politics.

    Bernie is for Universal Health Care - because this is a moral issue.

    Bernie is for free Public Education at the collegiate level.

    Bernie is for Military Spending Reform - less on the Military Industrial Complex and more on Education.

    Bernie is for taxing the major corporations that currently are NOT taxed.

    Bernie is for Political Campaign Reform - because billionaires & lobbyist "buy" politicians.

    AND the best part is - Bernie is NOT accepting any donations from Big Business, the lobbyist, billionaires, etc.

    Bernie is accepting only grass-roots donations from the common citizen. Some of the donations Bernie accepts are as little as$2 to $5 dollars.

    Let's change America!

    Bernie Sanders for President in 2016!


  • Feel The Bern

    Bernie Sanders is the current best presidential candidate running in the United States for the 2016 Presidential election. Let's disregard his views, and let me give you just one reason why he is simply the best: he is honest. There is no other honest presidential candidate running right now, and there are very few honest politicians "representing" us right now in Washington. Even if you're the biggest libertarian conservative in this country, consider voting for this guy. I've seen people with completely different ideologies than his stating they would just because of his integrity and honesty; he truly is the only one who cares for the people.

  • Bernie for the win!

    Bernie Sanders wants to get big money out of politics so that our votes actually matter. And he's no hypocrite either; he doesn't accept contributions from super PACs or big corporations. Sanders focuses on policy instead of personal attacks.The policies he advocates are bold and progressive.Bernie wants to transition to renewable energy, make public higher education free, end mass surveillance of US citizens, fund workers' cooperatives, decriminalize marijuana and massively tax the rich.

  • Bettering America for You and Me

    Bernie Sanders is just the beginning. I get so excited every time I think of him as President. For someone like myself who has a whole future ahead of them, I hope Bernie Sanders gets elected. It will pave the way for other fair people looking to better America and its political system. I won't list off every reason why because others have done it above, but Sanders is going to change politics in America from a business to a fair and just system for the people. The American people need to realize that billionaires shouldn't control politics to get their agenda completed, but that you and I should be making the decisions. That is democracy!

  • Power to the people!

    Bernie Sanders wants to get money out of politics so that our votes actually matter. He's no hypocrite either; he takes no money from Super PACs or big corporations. Bernie focuses on policy instead of personal attacks and the policies he speaks of are bold and progressive. Sanders wants to make public higher ed tuition free, provide healthcare to all, end mass surveillance of US citizens, decriminalize marijuana and fund workers' cooperatives.

  • He's the best

    He checks of on everyone that I would ever want as a president. Unlike a corrupt Hollary, Bernie has been on the right side of hints for every single social and economic issue. We need a Bernie Sanders presidency! Everyone else sucks compared to Bernie, as they're lyres and corrupt.

  • Bernie Sanders successful campaign has shown that the founding fathers knew what they were doing.

    America was designed to be a free country. Our government was not designed to govern over us, our government was designed to be made up of the people, by the people, for the people. The power of social media along with the concrete principles of democracy are being demonstrated in the phenomenon we are seeing today . The people are rising up to flush out the current government in order to replace it with fresh new faces that share the will of the people and aren't deeply rooted in corporate interests.

  • Sanders should stick with KFC

    1) taking money from the wealthy to pay for social programs is not the answer. Why? Because it inspires wealthy people to leave to other countries, it demotivates that hard working innovative people to start businesses in America because of the higher taxes. It will hurt the economy and teach youth that you do not have to work hard to get things, just let the government pay for it.

    2) Who is going to pay for his radical social programs? Anyone with a job. Trying to make college free and universal health care free? Can you imagine how much money will be drained out of hard working Americans to make that plausible? Or is he just going to print out dollars to tank the economy

    3) increasing the minimum wage, once again same concept, he has this wonderufl dream idiology of making the poor better off. But really, how do you think businesses will respond to such a crazy increase? You will be ordering your food from a computer not a person. Prices will go up for everything to adjust. Thus more reasons why Sanders will destroy Americas Economy and position in the world.

    The only people who would vote for him are people who want free stuff, and that is not the way the world should be. Everyone should work hard and achieve their dreams without fear of it being taken away against their will.

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