Bernie Sanders' good week: Bernie upset the polls to beat out Hillary, Does he have what it takes to make it all the way to the White House?

  • Sanders will win the democrats

    It is without a doubt that the Sanders campaign will win the democratic presidential candidate and go directly to the White House. Hillary Clinton has too much in her past to make her a good candidate, she is too easily attackable, while Sanders seem well prepared, posed, poised and collected.

  • Bernie's Clear Message Trumps Hillary

    Bernie Sanders has always been extremely clear about his qualifications for the presidency, and about his goals if he wins the election. His clear track record and consistent voting history support his qualifications and make him appear to be a trustworthy candidate. Hillary appears to be less consistent in her past records, and is not as specific about her policy goals.

  • Bernie Sanders should go to White House

    Bernie Sanders seems to be the most trustworthy canditate from either party and he thinks through issues to see pros and cons of both sides. Given the GOP candidates, he's definitely the lesser of all the evils out there. He's respectful of his opponents and the voters. No name calling.

  • Bernie Sanders has what it takes to make it all the way to the White House

    Bernie Sanders had a good week and clearly has the backing to make it to the White House. Combine Hillary Clinton's email server issues with the broad populist appeal of Sanders' socialistic agenda, and it is no surprise that Sanders is seeing positive movement in the polls. It is likely that as long as Sanders makes no slip ups, combined with Clinton's issues, Sanders has an excellent shot at winning.

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