Bernie Sanders has the best ability to beat Donald Trump.

Asked by: The-Crocoduck
  • Yes he be honest

    Like him or not, Bernie Sanders HAD the BEST chance of beating Troomp. Look at his ENTIRE CAREER, And you'll see he has never been a turncoat or contradicted himself. While he may not have stuck 100% to his beliefs, He has definitely done it more than any other candidate.

  • Of course, According to the polls!

    Just look at the polls from 2016, And the polls for 2020. Bernie has consistently polled ahead of Trump. He did in 2016, And he is in 2020. Right now (1/23/20), Bernie is polling better against Trump than any other democratic candidates. Just look at the polls. It's empirically true.

  • I think he does

    I don't like Bernie, And I am a Trump Supporter but i believe he is a brilliant person that has fantastic debating skills, And also very intelligent. But I think he has the best chance at beating Trump, He has a very strong following and no other opponent would come close to beat Trump.

  • I believe he does.

    Regardless if you like him or not, And regardless if you want a Republican or a Democrat in the White House, I think you have to see that Bernie Sanders has the best chance to win. He is deeply passionate about his policies, With a great fire burning within him unlike Joe Biden. Although Bernie is older than Joe, He has more energy and generates more excitement. Biden continuously makes gaffes and mistakes, Saying random and sometimes even incoherent things. I'm not the type to bully him over these things, But do you know who is? Trump. Donnie is probably making a list right now of Joe quotes to throw at him if he gets the nomination. In the latest debate, Julian Castro destroyed Joe Biden. Castro! Of all people! If Castro can do that much damage to Joe in a ten person debate. . . Imagine what Trump could do in a one on one. Elizabeth Warren would perform far better, But still not great enough. She had the whole "Pocahontas" incident which Trump can't get enough of. He will slam her with that to. I have seen an interview where she was questioned about this, And she got nervous and stumbled over her words. This can't happen against Trump. Bernie Sanders has kept his same goals for decades. His agenda is one that is supported by the majority of the country. We need to get the young people to go out and vote. Free college should motivate them to do that. We need to get the poor people to go out and vote. Medicare for All and the criminal justice reform will do that. His policies align with what people want most. Other than Andrew Yang, Bernie has the second most support from the Republican party. You need Republican support when you are running against a Republican. He is passionate and determined to make it happen. He is bold, Charismatic, Aggressive, Resilient, And strong. That is what it will take to beat Donald Trump.

  • No he doesn't and if he does it will be the something similar to Obama

    People who think Bernie Sanders policy would work fully in American government got to get that out of their minds. His socialist idea will never work in a government that is corrupted and have been bought by multi-billionaire companies. I am not a Sander hater, I do think some of his policies are great, But that would be in a utopian world.

    If he does get into office unless he's like Trump who's aggressive and doesn't care what either party say, He's gonna be like Obama, Where the other party will just challenge everything he does.

  • No, He doesn't.

    There's only one (1, Uno, Один) Democratic Presidential candidate who has what it takes to beat Trump.

    And Trump knows it.

    So does Putin.

    Which is why Trump is doing his very best to become President for life as that's the only way he can avoid doing time.

    Trump in a Presidential debate
    Lies out his usual racist packed hate
    But his opponent is immune to all Trump has to say
    And thus responds using words which hits Trump in such a way
    That Trump suffers a heart conditioned fate

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