Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the Money: Should politicians focus less on money to relate more to the middle class?

  • Politicians should focus on the middle classs

    Politicians should focus less on money and more on the concerns of the middle class. Although fund raising is an important part of a political campaign, it also distorts their interests. There are plenty of middle class issues, such as the affordability of college and jobs that they should be discussing.

  • Yes, politicians should focus on other things

    The forefathers of our constitution would laugh and probably laugh any politician that disagrees with such wild types of comments. The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America and the preparers of that document would be highly insulted at the slightest mention they could be controlled by the dollar. The very idea that a quarter of a million dollars puts you into the middle class sector and the fact that is a current topic leads me to believe just what planet do politicians think they are on.

  • Hoping that the middle class will vote but realize you can't win without money

    Yes, politicians should focus more on the middle class, but realistically, they need money to win elections and votes. The "average" American voter is probably very turned off by the gross excess of the 1%, so I'm sure that for Hillary's acceptance of the money doesn't sit well with many of them. But at the same time, we've never had a "poor" president.

  • It is only a non-issue if you have too much

    The cost of living, health care and higher education are real concerns to more Americans than things like email servers, Ted Cruz or asinine, self-important senators creating reasons to be on television. Focus on issues that actually impact the lives of working Americans and present solutions, not talking points is where all politicians ought to be.

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