• Yes Sanders is closing the gap to Hillary Clinton

    According to the poll released on Friday, Sanders leads with 54 percent support, with Clinton trailing at 39 percent in New Hampshire. Sanders, who represents neighboring Vermont in the Senate, is heavily favored in New Hampshire. This is the case with most of teh places. Yes Sanders is closing the gap to Hillary Clinton

  • Bernie Sanders is gaining support

    Bernie Sanders is closing the gap on Hillary Clinton in the Presidential candidacy race. He has gained a lot of popularity through his promises of free college education, free health care, and many other free things. He is appealing mostly to the lower middle classes and millenials to gain votes. Hillary on the other hand is not as good with publicity and promising that many goodies.

  • Yes, at a fast pace

    Bernie Sanders is closing in on Hillary Clinton at an alarming rate. He has gotten a lot of young people to "feel the Bern." The same youth are now engaged in convincing their parents and grandparents to vote for him, as well. There is now a groundswell that no one predicted. Hillary's team is now scrambling to find a solution that may never be found.

  • Bernie is gaining on Hillary

    All the polls I have seen show that Bernie is gaining ground. Hillary is losing the trust and support of many Americans. She just had new allegations brought up a few days ago. At this point anyone who thinks she is qualified is crazy, For this reason Bernie Sanders is gaining in support as a better and more trustworthy option for the Democratic party.

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