Bernie Sanders leads 60-33 over Hillary Clinton: Is Bernie Sanders the right democratic candidate for the presidential race?

  • Bernie Sanders is the right choice for the democrats

    I think Hillary Clinton has had too much bad publicity over the years, she can't be the right candidate, and Bernie Sanders seem to have a better prepared approach. I am sure he will be the right choice for the democratic party in the presidential race. We need a strong candidate.

  • Yes, he is genuinely supporting change that the United States needs.

    The people of the United States want change. Hillary Clinton represents a continuation of the status quo, while Bernie Sanders wants to make changes that many people see as necessary. Most people don't want more of the same; they want to see progress and improvement, which Sanders seems more likely to provide than Clinton.

  • He is turning out to be an amazing candidate

    I had no idea who Bernie Sanders was, but he has become a force to be reckoned with. He stays on message because this has been his passion for years. He has always fought for the common man and equality for all, not just the rich, which is why his message is resonating with so many people. I'm starting to see the possibility of him becoming the commander in chief and from what the polls are indicating, so does a lot of other people.

  • This too shall pass

    Bernie Sanders is a great candidate, and he is very well read and spoken on specific policy area. However, he does not have the breadth of experience necessary to run the country, Hillary Clinton does. He would make a great vice-president, where he can learn, and if necessary step into the role.

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