Bernie Sanders mocks House Science Committee for denying Climate Change: Will republican committee continue to ignore climate change?

  • Yes, they will.

    Many people in the Republican Party are either unconvinced, in deep denial or are doing whatever they can to pretend that climate change is not happening. It is better for them if it is not real and if it will likely be far too late before any of them believe it is real.

  • Republicans will always deny climate change.

    Even when the sea levels rise and we're all living in house boats, the Republican Party will continue to say that climate change is a hoax. I understand that they don't want traditional fuel businesses to lose their profits. What I don't understand is why can't those businesses diversify into the renewable energy sector? That would solve a lot of problems.

  • I think they probably will continue to ignore climate change

    There are many reasons why people would ignore the issue of climate change. They may not see the effects of it and don't see the science as valid since it take effect over long periods of time. Unfortunately, like a frog in a pot of boiling water, it might be too late when climate change becomes too big of an issue.

  • No, the republican committee will not continue to ignore climate change for long

    No, the republican committee will not continue to ignore climate change for long. The global warming crisis cannot be ignored much longer. It will begin to affect everyone to the point where there is no option but to address it. Other countries recognize it. The U.S. will be on board soon.

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