Bernie Sanders says he has the money to campaign beyond California primary: Can Sanders beat Clinton for the democratic nomination?

  • Anything is Possible!

    One thing Bernie Sanders has is resilience. He has held strongly to his beliefs and his supporters, and continues to push forward no matter the setbacks. Unfortunately he is a more radical opponent than Clinton and does not have the Super PAC support that she does. However, given the continuous controversy over her emails, Bernie might be able to rise above her in the end.

  • Anything's possible this year

    Yes, there is a possibility Bernie Sanders could beat Sec. Clinton for the Democratic nomination. This election year we have seen many unusual events and a lot of serious disagreement about the likely nominees. In a case like this where neither presumptive nominee has a favorable opinion going into the conventions, there is a good chance the parties will consider other options.

  • Sanders cannot beat Clinton for the democratic nomination

    Sanders cannot beat Clinton for the democratic nomination. Clinton is an anointed candidate and she gets an extreme amount of political cover from the elite media, in spite of her dishonesty and scandalous past. Face it, this woman is your next president. God help each and every one of us.

  • No, I don't think Sanders can beat Clinton for the democratic nomiation.

    I do not believe that Bernie Sanders has the ability to beat Hillary Clinton for the democratic nomination. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton has a more encompassing campaign that gives her a larger number of supporters. Bernie Sanders has a very specific point of view and caters to a smaller voting population.

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