Bernie Sanders: Should police be required to report all instances of officer-involved death?

  • I mean, it should be protocol.

    The only way a respectable police station can work with any sort of honesty is to file a report, in any instance. That's how respectable corporations and businesses run, it's protocol. It would be seem ridiculous not to say anything about it. But, it doesn't matter anyway, corruption will happen no matter what.

  • Yes. No report of officer-involved death leads to abuse of power.

    All officer-involved death must be reported. If these instances are not reported, officers may begin to feel that they can get away with any killing. When this occurs, officers will take advantage of it and will end up killing innocent people. Also, if the officer was involved in the death and it was out of self-protection or protection of others, the officer will not be prosecuted. Thus, there should be no harm in reporting the death that the officer was involved in. Finally, if the officer-involved death was something illegal, then it should absolutely be reported in order to prevent further corruption and to prevent the death of more innocent people.

  • Police departments should be forced to report all deaths involving police officers to the federal government

    Yes, the Police departments should be forced to report all deaths involving police officers to the federal government We need to ensure that the police departments and states collect data on all police shootings and deaths that take place while in police custody and make that data public. This will increase their responsibility.

  • Yes, it is necessary.

    Everything is reported locally at the county level. Police officers don't just shoot people and have their department not report it to anyone. It's treated as a homicide until a district attorney rules it justified. The Fed's then decide whether or not they will file their own charges for homicide, civil rights violations, etc. What is missing is a complete and centralized database for all police shootings.

  • Absolutely they should.

    Even if an officer is off duty, if there are involved in a death, it should be reported. Any death other than natural causes is investigated anyway. It doesn't mean that the officer was at fault. Officer or not, they should be treated like any other person in the same situation. I am not sure why Sanders thinks they should be above reporting. Especially if there is nothing to hide.

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