• A president for the common person

    Bernie Sanders advocates for the following:
    - reduction in military spending
    - giving more legislative power to the EPA
    - making the minimum wage a living wage and tethering it to inflation
    - reduced/free higher education
    - universal healthcare
    These are just a few key issues. They're not just baseless platitudes either, they're based on evidence. Bernie uses countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden as models for his policy.

  • He's got the right intentions

    He wants to close tax loopholes.
    He wants community college tuition to be free so everybody can have a chance to get an education.
    He wants to overturn the 2010 Citizens United ruling.
    He wants to actually allow lower income families to actually LIVE.
    He's not tainted by the Republican or Democratic parties.
    He's a cool dude.

  • Bernie Sanders is a true American hero

    Bernie Sanders is the one of the only politicians today that actually represent the people, the principal this country was founded on. And he is, of course, the only politician running who cares what you think, and means what he says. As Elizabeth Warren says, talk is cheap, and that's all everyone else is doing and will do. Sanders has actually taken action before, and has advocated for the same thing for all of these years. He has a constant record that represents the people - not the corporations, not the money, the PEOPLE. Also, he is a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST. No, the Nazis were NOT DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST, the Soviet Union wasn't, China isn't, North Korea isn't, Cuba isn't, none of them are. Democratic socialism is utilized by Scandinavian countries - look up the Nordic model - and European countries are now just beginning to jump on. Democratic socialism is almost like mixed capitalism with a very strong welfare state. Seriously, how does that at all sound bad? Thank you.

  • A man of the people.

    He will build our middle class. Crack down on the lobbyists. Promote equality and help the poor people. He will implement necessary reforms and force the corporations evading taxes pay their share. He will raise taxes on the rich and lower them on the middle class. In short, he will make our nation like Scandinavia. He is the best candidate I have seen in a long time.

  • He's the only honest candidate

    Well i'm 18 and this will be the first presidential election i'll actually be able to take part in. Honestly Bernie Sanders is the only person running that isn't full of crap. Like if it weren't for Bernie I probably would have no interest in voting, but he gives me hope and for that he's earned my vote. This man actually cares about the American people and that's a nice refreshing change in this country.

  • Socialism has been present in our government for a long time.

    Many conservatives cringe at the word "socialism". Socialism is anything that the government provides for all, and it has been standard in our society for 50+ years. High schools are socialist institutions. Medicare/Medicaid is socialist. Socialism is okay as long as it's intertwined with democracy. It's time for a progressive candidate that institutes a government that works for everyone- not just the handful on top.

  • He has my vote

    So far he has proven that he will be a viable candidate who is willing to answer tough questions. Right now, the DNC has six scheduled debates, and he is asking for more because he thinks that's not enough time to cover the issues.
    He is very progressive
    he's willing to stand up for the middle class
    he's willing to tax the rich
    he'll work for us, not the corporations

  • For the People!

    Search "Ten Reasons Why the TPP Must Be Defeated" by Bernie Sanders, published Dec 31, 2014 by Common Dreams. PLEASE get to know how informed he is and willing to stand up for the people of this country, because a vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for honest democracy.

  • ONLY candidate that isn't dishonest.

    People saying things like "Oh, he's insane", "Socialism will never work", "Blah blah impractical, blah", "Not everything can be free" are just plain ignorant. Take a single glance a Europe and Canada. America is the only third world country without these socialist benefits. Socialism works. It's been proven time in time again, only America never gives it a real chance. Bernie is not a dishonest, backstabbing crook like Hillary. He is also not insane and stupid like Donald Trump. The cheating that the DNC and Hillary performed is disgusting. Showing just how far democracy has fallen in this country.

  • He Is For The People

    I'll be honest. With a Republican-controlled House and Senate it's going to be very hard if not impossible to get his agenda through. But what makes him the best is that he stands for the common man. He is willing to fight against elite corruption and income inequality that has plagued our nation. There's no doubt that while there will be insurmountable obstacles that will cause Sanders to stumble in the end he won't give up.

  • Bernie Sanders is not a viable option.

    The creed of socialism is "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need".

    This mantra automatically punishes anyone that works hard for what they want to accomplish in life and rewards those who slouch.

    But since that argument will no doubt be dismissed as hateful to poor people or protective of rich people let provide a non-partisan approach. It's called math.

    Last I checked the American people owed in unfunded Social Security benefits $120+ trillion. At the same time the entire world economy is somewhere in the ballpark of $100+ trillion. Yes you heard me, the entire world. So that means that if every penny earned by every person on the planet went to nothing but Social Security debt for an entire year it still would be more than $20+ trillion away.

    And yet Bernie Sanders wants to make college and healthcare free to everyone on the taxpayer's expense. It isn't physically possible.

    The congressional budget office project that just to keep paying for Social Security the top 1% income and corporate tax brackets would have to gradually (by 2050) be raised to 88%. Socialists may cheer that the rich are finally paying that "fair share" but I've got bad news for you. The same report projected that the BOTTOM bracket would have to be raised to at least 25%. That just happens to be that working middle class you claim you want to help.

    There is no such thing as a free gift.
    Bernie Sanders is a bad choice.

  • Socialism cannot work.

    I have yet to find a single policy of Bernie Sanders that is even remotely acceptable. He supports the broken and dysfunctional EPA like a Nazi, he advocates for the mass murder of children, he supports the destruction of the most important parts of our constitution, he follows a delusional idea that somehow a taxpayer funded government can pay for all college tuition (with Nazi regulation of curriculum and staff mind you), and he thinks that stealing from the rich will somehow benefit the lazy. This man is like our beloved Obama only far, far worse.

  • He is ugly

    There has only been one ugly president and he got ugly after he got presidency and of course was shortly thereafter assassinated. The face of America needs to be beautiful, strong, upstanding, and regal and this man is none of that and more. I mean look at his forehead... No.

  • Everything can't be free!

    If college is free then prices in other things will skyrocket. No one will be able to buy anything! If health care is free then the doctors won't make any money and they'll leave. You get what you pay for. If health care is free it won't do you any good.

  • No, He'd be a better prez of Venezuela

    The polices Sanders espouses are destructive to the Constitution of the USA.
    You would no longer own your business, or be able to open one.
    You would no longer be able to pass your belongings onto you inheritors, because Gov. would confiscate them upon your death.
    If you paid to put yourself through college, your investment in yourself would be diminished because he'd have you paying to educate your competition.
    If you had an issue with your healthcare, you'd have no where to complain or a company to sue.
    All of your rights as an individual would take a back seat to the needs of the GOV. meat grinder.
    It would be an exceptionaly sad day for freedom lovers if he were elected.

  • The Free Market

    His economic policies are awful. Free market and capitalism have improved countries time and time again throughout history. Just look at Hong Kong. Yes, socialism does make the distribution of wealth more equal but it does so by making EVERYONE POORER--not just the rich. Often times it is assumed that if someone makes an economic gain then someone else loses. THIS IS FALSE. A society as a whole can become collectively weather and this is done through free market and capitalism. Much more incentive and much less dead weight loss. Unfortunately Sanders is a socialist and would be a great president in a socialist country not in America.

  • Good-hearted but Impractical

    His motives behind his ideas are good. He wants to provide everyone with education and money. The problem is that if college is free, more people go. Some people aren't the college type, and would be wastes of space at college. With such a large amount of people earning degrees, the difficulty of finding a job would increase significantly, as more people are applying for jobs than the amount of jobs there really are. Even if these jobs could provide more employment, the value of these jobs would significantly decrease.

  • What the hell?

    Why do we want sanders if he will take all of our money? We all just get minimum wage, the poor get it free? Very UNFAIR!!! Bernie will give free college? No! Do we want our colleges to be stuffed with more bacteria? The disabled and sick can afford college and get us more sick. Same money will make us have the same houses, no pets, same items, and our flag colors will look a yucky grey besides red white and blue for our new name federal states of America . We need to stay individual with different thins and not vote for evil Sanders! Those who pick him are destroying America and Sanders is SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

  • One word. Economics

    Bernie sanders doesn't understand anything about the world or basic economics. He wants everything to be free. Eventually someone has to pay. He wants free college tuition he wants free welfare free everything. Eventually someone has to pay. It's the people who work hard for their living and they pay for people who sit on their butts at home and sit around doing nothing. The people who work pay on taxes 40% of what they earn for people to do nothing.

  • He's too old!!!

    He would probably die right when he goes into office. His statements about minimum wage being raised would make small business owners go out of business. First the prices would skyrocket and then the business would shut down. Basically his ideas are not ideal for America today. His plan to make colleges free sounds like it would be great but it is not realistic.

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