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  • World Class Scottish Kilts

    Scottish kilts for men and women are your one stop shop for made to measure Celtic apparel. Collection goes beyond kilts to include sporrans, Jackets, Shirts, Shoes, Belts & buckles, And many other accessories. They have kilts priced for any budget and range. Buy your kilt from true Celtic Artisans.

  • No Kilty Wilty

    And if I wore a kilt I would also wear underpants. I wouldn't want people winessing little Willy exposing himself in the midst of a wild highland fling.
    Donald where's yer trusers. As they say in Scotland.
    And Scottish women should wear very short kilts and definitely be buff in all nether departments. Attractive slender women only of course and obviously no knickers.
    The last thing you want to be witnessing is big Morag's ginormous thighs and hirsute peccadillo flaunting themselves.

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