Betsy DeVos: Is DeVos too rich and out of touch to be Education Secretary?

  • Her plans are garbage

    She will take money from public schools and use it for private ones which people cant afford to send there kids there. She will stop millions of kids from learning and be one of the worst sec of ed in this countries history right along with donald trump . !!!

  • Not because she's too wealthy

    I think DeVos is too out of touch to be the Secretary of Education. Part of that may be because she's too wealthy and has no context to understand what most of American kids experience at school. She also may not understand that for many people, it would be a huge financial burden to send their children to private schools. She doesn't seem to get that charter schools which receive state funds without much oversight aren't producing substantially better results than their public peers. I just think she doesn't have a clue.

  • Yes, Betsy DeVos is too out of touch to be Education Secretary.

    Yes, she is too out of touch to be Education Secretary. I don't think she's too rich because there are many rich people who are not out of touch. She believes in school choice and vouchers. School choice does not benefit children because you are taking kids from where they are comfortable. Children learn best when they are comfortable. We need to make our public schools better, not take kids away from them.

  • Betsy DeVois is Not Too Rich

    I don't think that Betsy DeVois is too rich or out of touch to be Education Secretary. How rich a person is doesn't suddenly make them incapable of holding a vital position. We wouldn't say the same of someone who is poor so why attribute this kind of claim to DeVois?

  • She has done a lot for Michigan.

    The DeVos family has done many great things for West Michigan. Grand Rapids is the center of the medical universe in Michigan, and that is because the DeVos family has put their money into the medical mile. DeVos herself founded the Betsy DeVos children's medical center, which has saved countless lives of children. She cares about the world.

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