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  • I am very confused

    How can good grades insure a bright future? My friend always has good grades but he always gets scolded and sent out of class and i do not think that he will go to a good school after his PSLE which is 2 years later. My father always said that it is the MINDSET that matters not the results, If you get very good grades but do not have good attitude, Nobody will want you.

  • I am confused

    How does good marks insure a bright future? I don't think so. My friend has very good marks yet the teacher scolds him day in day out. Every period, The teachers scold him and make him stand outside the classroom just to punish him. Nobody really likes him and his future is not that bright. On the other hand, My other friend, Used to have bad grades but suddenly had soaring high results. It is not grades that insure a better future, It is MINDSET.

  • How. . ? I'm confused

    How on earth does it insure a bright future, The kid in the photo looks like a 10 year old, Half the stuff you learn is shit besides it won't insure a bright future they're still going to take drugs or do illegal shit, Their preschool grades won't be helping that mate.

  • Insure? No, It doesn't

    Better grades might help secure a bright future, But it doesn't INSURE a bright future. What insures a bright future is your mindset.

    Your MINDSET will determine if you will succeed or fail in life.

    We have people with extremely poor grades and they are living their dream life now because they know that their grades don't define them. What defines a man is the substance (talent/potential) they carry.

    Formal education is not for everyone!

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