Betty White "dyed": Should people brush up on homonyms and the English language in general?

  • Betty White homonym

    Yes I do believe that people should be more educated about their language. It can only benefit to know the difference of two words and other homonyms in general. If people were aware of easy aspects of the English language they would not have had any reaction to this Betty White incident.

  • We are getting lazy!

    It is frustrating to try to read articles, even if they are fake, that have so many errors! We need to enforce some more basic English skills in our schools. How can we expect the people who immigrate here to learn a language that many natives barely speak correctly themselves?

  • Yes, People need to brush up on their english

    It's just like how people who have been speaking and learning English all their lives and still don't know the difference between, there, their, and they're as well as your and you're. It's not that difficult we all learn the difference between these common words in first grade. People to to sit down and grab their dictionary and expand the minds on difficult words and how to spell and expand their vocabulary.

  • Yes, I think people should really try to use english better.

    Yes, I think people should really try to use English better. I think its really embarrassing when you have people who cannot really understand the language they grew up with all that well. I love to use slang but even that has it limits. I think a nice brush up on the English language would be wonderful.

  • That was the trick:

    Why would that suggest people need to brush up on their homonyms? The entire idea is that there was a shock value to it and it worked because people instantly thought, without thinking of the other meaning, that she had "died" particularly because you do not use the term "dyed" generally with someone's name as a verb.

    As for learning English in general there's no need to bother. If this place is any example of the benchmark required it's not worth your time.

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